First one!!!!!

2 August, 2007 at 4:17 am (Uncategorized) (, )

So, this is the first one eh? What should I say… Well for starters the name unig is not the corruption of unique. I’ll tell you bout the name later. It’s a long story. I’ve been meaning to set up a blog for a long time but didn’t have the time to do so. Not that I’m very free now, what’s with final year project giving me a good kicking on me backside but it’s just that since this is my final year in uni, might as well have something to record the memories down.

Most of the pictures on display here are taken with my Olympus FE-115. Some with my handphone, but mostly from my FE(from now I’ll call my camera as the FE, like how Takumi would call his car the AE). It’s not a dSLR, in fact it’s not even one of those canggih-manggih super slim compacts. In fact it can’t even be considered as a beginners camera anymore. It’s only a meager 5 megapix cam. Heck it’s not even mine to begin with. My dad bought the cam a couple of years ago for hmm I dunno – RM 500 or 600 maybe? I borrowed the cam from him on the pretext of doing assignments. But, despite my cam’s limitations I’m still convinced that with a little(or a lot) of help from Photoshop, I can take pics that might(say this with the faintest of hope) match those taken with an SLR. Well, you be the judge.

The FE

The FE!



  1. a_giu said,

    faster upload more nice pics n news la..
    boring la with so less pics…
    waiting 4 ur update..
    keep it up!!!

  2. a_giu said,

    one more thing…
    where are pics bout leng lui??
    con tell me don hav..k!!!
    if not…
    i’ll boycott ur blog…

  3. unig said,

    leng lui pics arh? ahahaha ok ok. don’t worry, if I got time I’ll definitely upload it. workshop practice is spanking my ass la ahaks!

  4. bigmadcat said,

    nice pics…when will be the next update???looking forward…^^

  5. unig said,

    bigmadcat: Thank you. Well as for the next update might have to wait a while cause tests, assignments and projects are killing me now, haha. But don’t worry, I’ll update as soon as possible.

  6. Enjo kōsai: Compensated dating or prostitution? « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] And to remind you all the photography asses I’ve kicked, here’s one of my favorite (out of the thousands I took with my FE): […]

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