22 August, 2007 at 10:04 pm (Uni pics) (, , , , , , , )

Photos of CAIS (Centre for Academic and Information System) or in other words, the library.

The sky was very nice on that day. Very nice.


Outside CAIS.


The building on the right would be RHB bank and Pohon Mas cafe. This picture was taken around 6 pm which explains the lighting. The haze has come back so that means sucky time to take pictures.


And of course to end it all a nice panoramic shot of the chancellory(click it for a larger view). I used the hand rails as tripod.



  1. Brian said,

    nice shots…
    btw,where is this uni?
    seems quite large n unique..

  2. unig said,

    Ah yes. Well, I can’t really tell you which uni this is cause I’m supposed to be anonymous wtf. But I think you can guess where, I mean it’s not like there’s a lot of uni in Sarawak right?

  3. chengsun said,

    hi, gotta say that u take great photo, with simple camera. I feel ashame of myself…..

  4. Charles said,

    Hi, i’m a Sarawakian, from what i know, there’s a lot of unis over here. Say Swinburn, Curtin, and UiTM. Well which one is it?

  5. unig said,

    chengsun: hi, and thanks. There’s nothing to be ashamed about, I mean I myself have to admit most of the photos that I took has gone through some enhancements first. Long live Photoshop!

    Charles: Well it seems you’ve guessed almost all the unis in Sarawak safe for one. Hmm… should I reveal it? Maybe I’ll leave that for next time.

  6. Mischique said,

    Oh man…those pictures are awesome. At a glance I thought it was some overseas campus. You really did a good job with just a P and S camera.

  7. bigmadcat said,

    impressive!can’t image all is taken by just a simple FE-115….hahaha….skillful…nice^^

  8. EstherVSH said,

    Whoa… Great pics!

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