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Just finished my test yesterday and boy was it a surprise or what. It came out past year questions!!! Exactly the same some more. You see, we were told that questions that had came out before wouldn’t be asked again but that was still not confirmed la. Then most of my friends also said the same, safe for one. So most of us ended up spending days after days reading the blardy thick textbook and hundreds of slides when all we needed to do is just spend a few hours if we knew the question are past year’s. And the most f—— thing was we already had the past year questions in our hands for so long, it’s just that we didn’t care much for it. Probably a glance or two. Which luckily most of us did,if not pass up empty sheets of paper nia.

Ok, enough of that test things (though I have another one next Tuesday urgh!). Pictures from the company that I worked for during my Industrial Training. In my course I have to intern for a company for 16 weeks to fulfill the requirements of my course . And I attached myself to this one – an air-conditioning company. Which aircon company is this? Well I’m not gonna tell you its name but lemme give you a hint – the founder of the company happen to be the person who invented air-conditioning and is known as the Father of Air-Conditioning.

Those blue things on the floor and on the wooden boxes are compressors. They aren’t the ones you normally find in your house’s aircons. These are meant for super huge aircons(known as chillers) for use in airports, shopping malls, huge buildings etc. They weigh 125 kg each and there can be up to eight of these in a chiller. The chiller itself weighs 5 to 7 tons each and is as big as a bus.

Again from another view. We actually provide most of the air conditioning in Malaysia(for large buildings). We’re the ones who cooled KLIA. And the White House too!

These are the conveyors responsible for transporting those heavy compressors into the electro-coating compartment and oven for subsequent drying. They make look simple but are actually controlled by a very complex system known as Programmable Logic Control or PLC for short.

Aha! You’ll probably recognize this one cause it’s always up there as my header (edit: old header, I’ve changed theme now). This is a higher res, higher quality version of it. It’s a brazing torch in case you’re wondering. Used to join copper together like how welding is used to join metals. Brazing is used instead of welding cause copper has different material properties(strength, melting temperature etc). By the way this unig (haha,pun intended) picture was taken not by me but by my engineer USING my camera. I have to commend him for taking such a nice pic AND AT THE SAME TIME ALMOST MELTING MY CAMERA CAUSE HE WAS HOLDING IT JUST A FEW CENTIMETERS AWAY FROM THE TORCH. 😉

Probably my most favorite pic taken during my internship. That’s a fin press machine and the sunroof providing the nice lighting.This machine is both big and tall. The tallest ones of these machines(we have several) reach the third floor of an apartment. And ever time these machine run, the ground would literally shake. I’m no kidding. I mean they do run on 60 amps three phase currents you know unlike those puny(puny but still powerful enough to kill) 13 amps you and I get from our house’s sockets.

Industrial training was pretty fun for me. Unlike studying, there’s no tests, quizzes, assignments, finals, projects, lab work, and studying again. But then again the trade off is you get tons of work, unappreciative superiors, appointments, office politics, meetings and subordinates who just won’t listen. Haih, life… I still remember there’s this one time one of my engineers took us(me and the rest of the engineers) to a gay club! Not exactly gay as in you-know-they-play-with-each-other’s-you-know-where but just guys caressing, hugging and holding each other. It’s called Liquid Bar or something and it’s located near Central Market. They were having this competition – Mr. Liquid I think where a bunch of muscular, handsome guys (and add in a bit of homo-ism) compete by parading in nothing but their undies on a stage in the middle of the club. They would then answer a series of questions by the cross dressing MC(I keep on typing crotch instead of cross) ala pageant contests but the questions mostly regard about their favorite ‘styles’ or ‘positions’ if you know what I mean. And whether they would love to do it in their you-know-where or in other guys you-know-where.

I have to admit that I felt a bit weird inside that club especially when there’s all these male couples standing in front, left, right, and behind me holding hands and hugging each other. And the toilet’s even weirder – they don’t have doors. Just curtains like in a clothes shop or something. And the weirdest part is one of the contestant actually looked like my friend – face, height and even the same name! Hmm… I’m sure that friend of mine is also doing his industrial training(like me) somewhere unless he took a detour and decided to join this ‘pageantry’ thing. HAHA!

But the weirdest experience has got to be one experienced by another one of my engineer(the one who almost melt my cam). You see, the club has an outdoor patio or something like that and he was sitting there alone while the rest of us went in to soak up the ‘atmosphere’ . Suddenly a stranger went and sit on him wtf! And that stranger started moving up and down or in a crude way of saying it started humping the poor engineer. Needles to say he was scared s—less and ran back into the club. HAHA!


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  1. a_giu™ said,

    any more updates???
    like events o any sudden encounter incident??
    o the leng lui pics that u promise 2 upload…

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