Test sucks.

4 September, 2007 at 5:55 pm (Misc pics, Mumblings, Uni pics) (, , )

Yes it does. Just finished my last test a couple of hours ago. I’ll probably be free this week. Then the madness will start all over again. Talking about that test, it sucked big time la… especially when the two questions that carry the highest marks were damn tricky. Anyone of my course mates would like to say something? But please, keep the profanity to a minimum okay? 🙂

On another note, I’ve been meaning to blog about this since last week but couldn’t cause I was extremely busy. Last Saturday, I saw this on my way out to dinner:

Now before you guys starts flaming my ass for not doing anything to help but instead just stand there and took pictures, the accident happened hours earlier and the victim was already at the hospital. Besides I didn’t took these pictures which explains the lack of the usual Olympus banner. My friend used his camera phone to take them. As you can see, the security personnel was already there, and so was the policemen and tow truck driver. It won’t be easy to pull the car out though.

Another shot – this time a close up.

This happened at the road connecting the old and new campus. Near the Science and Recourse Technology lab. What happened to the victim? Well according to the security guards he suffered a broken shoulder and probably broke another few bones. I think that’s bloody darn lucky cause if his car were to turn turtle on concrete or the road, a broken shoulder would probably be the least of his problems. Guys (and girls) be careful when driving or riding your bike. Think of others too!

Digressing a bit, I just can’t seem to get that Sean Kingston song out of my head. Aiya that one leh – Beautiful Girls. Yes I know he ripped of the tune of The Platters’ Stand By Me but it’s just so addictive. I even hummed the tune during my tests! And is it a wonder that it’s been raining everyday here in Samarahan? Hehe…



  1. jerry said,

    yo yo!!!
    ehm, about the crazy like shit test….hai, nothing much i can say besides just cursing the fcukin lecturer time to time!!!
    or maybe on my way to dinner, i can c another case like car turning like turtle is HIS CAR….yoyo!!! KEMBARA??? All is madnesss…..

  2. unig said,

    jerry: to quote King Leonidas:

    “Madness? THIS. IS. UNI***!”

    proceeds to kick ‘Mr. Spicy Tongue’ into a deep dark endless well.


  3. Brian said,

    i agree wif that..
    hope that f*** lecturer will get his punishment….

    i think this guy must be listening 2 some racing or drifting songs…
    like jay chou’s initial D song….
    that pumped his adrenaline and make him do stupid things…
    then after accident…
    the song “untitled-simple plan” was played…

  4. jerry said,

    be a golden FINGER?
    OK!!! who did this…i will fcuking kill her….!!! TOYOTA PRODUCTION LINE?
    WELL…i will give back what u did to me TwiCE!!! BETTER U becareful!!!
    stabbed back me!!! well….WTF WTF WTF WWF WWF….WWE WWE…
    heLP meee….

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