Uni3(I really need to come up with a better title)

7 September, 2007 at 5:29 pm (Uni pics) (, , , , , )

Ok ok this is the last of the uni pics post. Jeez, I know you guys are bored but I. just. have. to. finish. this. post. Ah, I feel better after writing that. Like I said this will be the last uni pics post for…………. this week wtf. Cause I still have tons of shots taken around campus and I just feel I have to show them all, or it would be an injustice to my FE.

Alright first up:

Sports complex. Nothing special. Just that the color of the algae? moss? or whatever it is on the ground matches the tennis court’s fence. šŸ˜‰

As you can see, I’m quite obsessed with taking panoramic shots(combining 2 or more sequential pics to achieve a wide angle/lens like effect). This one is taken from my room. Click here to see a normal shot of the same view (without panorama). I really dig the panorama feature on my FE although it can be quite a pain in the backside trying to compose the perfect panorama shot. What to do, no money buy dSLR.

Again, another panoramic shot from the same angle (except this one is taken horizontally as oppose to vertically like the one above). I don’t have a tripod so what I do is I put my FE on the window edge and slip a cardboard underneath my cam so I can turn it easily when shooting. But have to be careful though, one gush of strong wind and my FE would plummet 3 storey to the ground.

And to end it all, another panoramic shot at night. Hah, you might think I made a mistake and posted the same picture from Uni1, but look closely and you’ll notice a difference. This picture was taken on automatic setting(not night mode) hence the difference in illumination and shutter speed. And notice the reflection on the ground? Yup I took this after it rained.

By the way, my laptop is so screwed up now. First it’s the LCD screen and now some god-knows-what virus has corrupted my Photoshop. Damn!

*Edit: I’ve fixed some of the pictures in my flickr so it’ll load the proper size now. Unfortunately it only works for vertical panorama pictures, still some problem with the horizontal ones. Probably a theme problem.



  1. YEN said,

    Hey.. nice pics of UNIMAS u’ve taken.. LoLx! Btw, where r u from?

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