Of flowers and ANALyzers haha.

14 September, 2007 at 1:04 pm (Mumblings, Scenery) (, , , , )

Ok before anything else, the previous post was actually nothing much of significance. I was just trying out the password protected post feature that wordpress is so famous for. Not that I put up dirty pics of people indulging themselves in erm… ‘fun’ activities la haha. I mean even if I did do you think I would be that selfish and password protect it? cough*bribe me*cough 😉

Alrighty then, back to serious stuffs. Eh eh did you notice the title of this post? ANALyzers LOL! No dirty thoughts ok… I just finished my test on robotics today and one of the questions has something to do with analyzers. Kinda funny though how you can mess around with words and come up with words that sounds a bit kinky. I mean ANALyzer does sound like some kind of medieval torturing device specifically targeting a certain orifice of the human body. Or was it just my sick interpretation of what was supposed to be an innocent word? I dunno…

Picture time!

Si-to-pé-ley – that’s how a Cantonese would pronounce it.

Dunno-what-name-cause-I-can’t-be-bothered flower. 😉

This post should have been the continuation of Highlander1. But someone hated that name(oh yes you know who you are).

Ah I think I know what flower this is. Tea flower wtf! I mean it did grow among tea trees no? My dad didn’t fall for it though. He said it was morning glory that happens to grow among tea trees. Obviously I didn’t inherit my dad’s smart genes. 😉

And saving the best for the last. A pic I took at some rosary(is that what they call a rose farm? Enlighten me pls) at Cameron Highlands. Since I’m using just a P & S camera, what I did to focus just on the rose on the bottom right of the pic is to use the autofocus to focus on to that particular flower. The flower should in the middle of your view finder. Then gradually shift your lens to the left and upward to include the background while still holding on to the focus. I think I used macro to get a better blurred background vision.

Hmm… I’d probably do a food review next. But I suck in that. Both pictures and text.

p.s.: all shots were taken at Cameron Highlands.



  1. jerry said,

    nice flower…iobmasA!!!
    thinking to buy 99 roses to some1 who is “special” to me la…
    any idea where i can get CHEAP flower?
    im serious man…
    u took those pics in cameroon highland right?
    do u hav any member card to buy CHEAP flower?
    if yes, pls dun hesitate to contact me k!!!
    thanks…im thomb!!!

  2. unig said,

    well, you can always try bloom.com.my or bambooflorist.com.my. i hear they have pretty good selections there.

  3. kiko said,

    i pass by ur blog 2day…
    u seem 2 hav a good skill in taking pics…
    n i like those flower pics v much…

    maybe someday u can teach me in taking nice static pics…
    will appreciate it v much…
    email me ok?
    waiting 4 ur reply…


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