Food Excursion.

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Ayam bag (I am back)! Been pretty hectic these few days since it is nearing the end of the semester. Rushing to complete the piles of assignments and especially my Final Year Project phew! Now that one is a KILLER with a capital K!

Anyway, as promised I’m gonna do a food review. Me and a bunch of my friends went to Sematan and Siar Beach 2 weeks ago to have a food excursion. The food was pretty good I have to say considering how cheap it is. I mean you definitely can’t get this sorta price back in Peninsular. And I didn’t do a macro close up cause I didn’t want oily lens on my FE.

Picture time!

First on the menu, the customary butter cooked prawns, not sure if I named it correctly. Pretty good stuffs here.

If the meat from a pig is called pork, then what do you call meat from a wild boar? Cause this was what we had – wild boar meat cooked in some sauce. Told you I sucked in food reviews. But nonetheless since it’s quite rare for me to taste wild boar, I’d have to say this dish is heavenly.

Next up, we had fried crispy squid, or was it cuttlefish? How do you differentiate those two? Hmm.. to me it tasted okay only. I’ve had better, and it wasn’t even in Malaysia.

Doesn’t this fish looked like some weird looking outer space alien, you know like the one you’d see in Star Wars? But look at the steam coming out. Nice effect! The fish is pretty good too. Nice and succulent flesh not to mention fresh!

Oh, there’s also a veggie dish but didn’t bother to take a picture of that cause veggie is veggie la!

Evidence of gluttony:

Now you see it…

Now it’s gone. BURP! Excuse me hehe.

What’s the total damage incurred from this food excursion? Only RM 85! For 5 dishes! For 6 people! Inclusive of drinks and rice refills! Can you get a cheaper price at Peninsular? No lemme rephrase that, can you get a cheaper price anywhere? 🙂

But I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the exact location of the restaurant cause I wasn’t paying much attention during the drive there ( I was supposed to be the navigator but I make one lousy navigator hehe). I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant now. But it’s just along the main road. I think the restaurant is called Siu Leng? Or something like that. Again, told you I sucked in food review.

While at Siar Beach, look what I found!

Can you see it?

Still can’t see? Then come closer la dammit!







Harlo! It’s Mr. Crab here minding his own business and suddenly before he knows it some punk decided to shove his Olympus FE-115 just one centimeter above him/her to get the shot he wanted. Haha, this is probably the best my FE’s macro can afford me. The crab is actually really small, smaller than a five cent coin maybe. You can see how big the crab is compared to the sand grains. Btw, I learned a trick when it comes to shooting crabs. You have to be at the back of it(avoiding eye contact with the crab haha) then you can start snapping. Apparently crabs only look forward and don’t notice much of their back. A forward looking crab indeed wtf.

Speaking of crabs, let’s have some next time ok?



  1. Charlie said,

    Fuuhhh…. ada babi ni…
    Some more got alien fish from outer space,
    Was it caught in its attempt to invade earth?
    Serves it right….!!!
    See, we humans aint no weeklings.
    Anyway, just crabbing around.

  2. pauline said,

    yummy..looks very delicious huh…in sematan!!! okok…will go n hv a try…include the tiny crab too???…hehehe

  3. YEN said,

    I love to eat prawns~!!! Where is that restaurant btw? LoLx! And da crab’s pics are taken from which beach arh?

  4. unig said,

    Charlie: I love pork wtf! No la, so long haven’t eat pork ma… especially after they close the Chinese stall. I was pork deprived haha.

    pauline: Ya, I hear they serve tiny crabs at the restaurant too. Not as tiny as the picture above la but still quite small and crunchy. Mmmm…. orgasmic! Haha

    YEN: Me too! Butter cooked, ketchup cooked, spicy, small prawn, big prawn… even lai niu har haha! The restaurant is located just by the roadside on the main road to Sematan. The crab pic was taken at Siar Beach. But seriously la, Damai beach nicer… Oh oh, can I link you up? I was hoping to find more blogs from our uni.

  5. YEN said,

    Yea sure.. Of course u can 😉
    Nway, I’ve been to Damai beach before.. It’s simply beautiful.. Just can’t forget the sunset scene there.. Hahax!
    Btw, I’ve always wanted to ask u.. How did u find out about my blog? Just curious.. (coz I’ve always been low profile.. No la.. just kidding.. Haha. =P)
    And ya… I still dunno who u r larh.. Can u just like intro a bit? Which faculty are u from? Studying what course and which year liao?

  6. YEN said,

    Coz ur like so “mysterious”.. No pics of ur’s in ur own blog? LoLx.. Ur picture taking skills are good.. So I’m making a guess that u take photography course in FSGK? Yes? or No? =P

  7. unig said,

    I found your blog from High tech leh? Haha. And I didn’t take any course from FSGK cause all my pelengkap I took FEB’s one. Easier to score LOL!

    Don’t you think being ‘mysterious’ is a good thing? Good for me la cause at least I know how you look like while you have no idea how I look hehehe. Just joking. But don’t worry, I’ll reveal more as time pass by. I’ll leave sorta like clues all over this blog – Da Vinci code style. 😉

  8. YEN said,

    There’s like a thousands of blogs at Juz wondering how u manage to search it up.. What keyword u used anywayz?

    Urghhh~ This is unfair~!! U know about me while I don’t know about u..! >.< Not fair.. not fair.. Hmmfph!

    Anyways, I know that u live at Allamanda college aite? 3rd floor.. Hahax! Final year student.. =P And I’m guessing that u r from Engineering Faculty? No?

  9. a_giu™ said,

    ur so smart huh..
    make ur own assumption…
    wish u luck in guessing who he is…

  10. unig said,

    YEN: Your guessing is so good, it’s actually scary. But in a good way haha. As of this point, I’m not denying anything but also not admitting to anything as well. Oh, and I already posted some pictures of myself. Hope you’re happy hehe. 🙂

    a_giu™: Oi shaddup la wtf. Hahahaha

  11. YEN said,

    O_O” So garang to ur friend.. Scary wei.. XD

    Y is my guessing scary anyway?! ?_?

  12. a_giu™ said,

    he is like that ge lar…
    owes bully me…

    kiddin onli lar…
    later he rele bully me cham lor…

  13. Benard said,

    Great snap in unimas!
    I never realizes that unimas still have such beautiful scenery.
    U can go join the photo snapping competition.

  14. hierstandardpls said,

    seriously Uniq? Those pictures of the food do not look appertising at all . Sorry.
    I shouldnt say anything at all if I dont have anything nice to say I supose. But
    I did and I am sorry. NOT! lol

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