Pimp My Ride – Malaysian Style.

22 September, 2007 at 7:26 pm (Funny pics) (, , , , , )

You know that show Pimp My Ride on MTV? The one where they pick one lucky viewer and give their beat-up-piece-of-junk-worse-worse-than-shit of a car a complete makeover.

Pimp My Ride with the pimp master himself – Xzibit. (Pictures courtesy of MTV)

Transforming their car inside and out, give it an engine transplant, new interior and a fresh paint job.

Two guys bonding over their favorite subject – car. So gay happy!

Look how happy she is after getting her ride pimped! Ok that sounded a bit wrong…

Well the show is from the US but that doesn’t stop us Malaysian from emulating them. Even if it means doing it on a lower budget. I now present you Pimp My Ride Malaysian Style:






On my way to Johor Bahru, something caught my eye. No, it wasn’t an Evo. Or an Enzo. It was a Sunny on a not so sunny day I have to say haha!

Let’s go closer.

I was stopping to refuel and lo and behold, the Sunny did the same! Look at how detail the paint job is. There’s Doraemon on the front left door, Pikachu on the rear door, and a giraffe that goes all the way to the roof. I didn’t dare to take picture of the other side though, less I wanna be splashed with fuel and set on fire! But from what I saw there were Hello Kitty on that side plus some characters from Sesame Street?


Only in Malaysia.



  1. Santadelic said,

    maybe I should create an Evil Santa Ride and pimp it up… I’ve seen some rides like this in Japan. Budget was a bit higher but the result was quite similar. I hope you’ll post some more of these pictures.

  2. onethefool said,

    Have u watch pimp my rid UK version? Its so not anticipating!!!

  3. unig said,

    Santadelic – You definitely should create one and make sure you fill it up with hot santarinas 😉 . I’ll be on the look out for more of such ‘rides’ hehe.

    onethefool – Totally agree with you. And what’s with the host trying to look and sound black? With a name like Westwood? LOL! And let’s not even start on Pimp My Ride International… so called international but only cover europe.

  4. onethefool said,

    I switch channel after watching for a mere 5-10mins. Just can’t stand it!

    BTW the M’sia car featured kind of remind me of those child care center wall drawings 🙂
    Perhaps the driver works there. LOL

  5. Bernardo said,

    That has to be nastiest looking Sunny in town. Yuuucckkks..

  6. Marcus said,

    I have a 1990 beretta with no reverse no radio. I lovethe show!

  7. Ben said,

    I Have a secound hand Ford Mustang but it did not pass the m.o.t so i gt it for £1:000
    I love the show too!!!

  8. michele said,

    i like too much fiat panda’s pimp

  9. tizio said,

    sei un figo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. michael j said,

    Have a secound hand mazda 1998. no radio . have………………………… nothing in the car i sadddd ((((

  11. Alex said,

    can u guys drop by the philippines and pimp my ride?

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