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There are 2 lessons that I learned when it comes to riding a bike:

1) Wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt

2) Don’t wear anything (I mean shirtless la, perv)


If not, these are the consequences:








This happened exactly 2 years ago. No editing was done on this pic other than the mass head. Taken with a friend’s cameraphone.


The sun burnt/ tanning that I had was so severe that whenever I took off my shirt, I’ll look like I’m wearing a pair of dark gloves!

The same goes to my face as well, really tanned and dark from all the hours spent outdoor. So basically the skin tone on my face and arms are the same with Michael Jackson(before he bleached his skin or whatever ‘illness’ he claims he has) and the rest of my body is like post-bleached Wacko.

To whoever who complained that I never post a picture of myself, here you are. Satisfied? Hehe 😉



  1. YEN said,

    Um.. u say it’s ‘ur’ pics.. But what is d prove? Those pics can easily be ur friend’s pics wud.. since I only see ur hands n ur face is not visible.. =P WaHaha..

    Btw, it’s such a pity to get sunburnt.. But what to do? Dis is Malaysia and d weather is freakin’ hot! ><

  2. unig said,

    It is me, dear 😉

  3. YEN said,

    Prove lerhx? =X

  4. unig said,


  5. a_giu™ said,

    i can prove that its him…
    i mean…
    i’ll b ur witness la…

    the reason is coz i took those pics ge mar..
    i knoe u cant belif him…
    but don worry…
    im a GOOD guy n can be trusted…(praise a bit la….its been ages since the last time ppl praise me mar…)

    sorry unig…
    tell the truth bout u…

  6. unig said,

    Self appraisal. *yawns* Now you know why it’s been ages since people praise you 😉

  7. the floacist said,

    Its impossible to bleach your skin dear.

  8. unig said,

    Hehe… I know. Just a figure of speech.

  9. YEN said,

    LoLx! U guys are seriously funny.. Hahax! Nway, dun worry la.. It’ll recover by time.. And it’s not that worse larh.. considering that u r a guy..=P Now that u learnt ur lesson, next time juz don’t stay in the hot sun for too long.. or perhaps consider to get an umbrella to shield urself frm the scorching sun..;-) *singing Rihanna’s – Umbrella* (I like that song.. Haha! XD)

    To :
    R u his roommate or something? Best friend? Lol..

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