Best Way to Secure A Shopping Complex – With A Rubbish Bin

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Spotted at Tun Jugah Shopping Complex,Kuching 2 months ago:

Hi-tech alarm? CCTV? Pffttt! Who needs them when you have super smelly rubbish bin at the entrance! And they actually put these at all the entrances!

That would be 2 facing Sarawak Plaza, and another one at the opposite side.

I went there again during Raya holidays and guess what I saw!

Old pic, but you get the idea.

Yup, still the same stinky rubbish bins jaga-ing the entrance.

Come to think about it, it’s actually a pretty good idea. The god-awful smell would probably thwart any potential robbers, as if la.

I went to McD’s at Jln. Padungan last week and yes it is still the same thing. Those driving pass this shopping complex at night time wouldn’t miss it.

Not sure if the same method is used at peninsular Malaysia or not. I certainly don’t think they close the entrances at KLCC this way!

p/s: This will be my last post for this week and probably next week as well seeing that exam has already started. Don’t worry, cause (in Arnold’s voice) – I’ll be back. For those taking exams, all the best!


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Are These Pics For Real? The Pigs Scandal!

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Psst… whatever you do just don’t show these pics to JAIS. Don’t want them to get heart attacks or something!

I usually receive quite a lot of forwarded mails, most of them bizarre stuffs. Some are quite geli. Often times, I don’t check these forwarded mails because of time constraints.

I still have nearly 1000 mails I haven’t check.

But one of them caught my attention. It was titled ‘Awek dan babi’ or something like that.

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A Very Lame Review of Ubuntu 7.04. Or Was It U Buntut?

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I mean seriously, when a friend of mine was downloading Ubuntu, I thought he was downloading a 700MB video file titled U Buntut! And this picture confirmed it. edit: Buntut means butt in malay language

Ok butt jokes aside, this is gonna be a very lame review of Ubuntu 7.04 – lame in a sense that I don’t go very detail into the OS like a techie would, but rather if you’re a person who can’t differentiate between Windows registry and msconfig(just like yours truly) then this review will try to explain it in the simplest way possible, at the expense of much technical info that you wouldn’t have cared about in the first place anyway.

And why am I doing a review of ver 7.04 when ver 7.10 is already out? The thing is, when I was downloading Ubuntu last week, ver 7.04 was the latest one. And I’m not gonna spend another 2 hours downloading something not much different from 7.04.

Digressing, I downloaded the entire 700MB Ubuntu in less than 2 hours! At one point I was downloading at around 600KB/s, that’s almost 5Mbps! You see, I did the whole downloading thing at the faculty during the Raya holidays, when everyone was still not back yet. And I don’t even need to download hi-def video, I STREAM them hehe.

Alright, a bit of intro to Ubuntu (from the installer):

Ubuntu is a complete open source operating system suitable for desktops and servers. The base system and all included software is free, and support is available from the community or by professional support providers. “Ubuntu” is an ancient African word, meaning “humanity to others”. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

Get Ubuntu here. After you’re done downloading, burn it onto a blank CD as an image. Or if you’re using NTI CD Recorder like me, just double click the file and follow the instructions. Very simple.

The moment you load the CD into Windows, you’ll be greeted with a splash screen offering you many open source Windows apps such as Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird(might not be the latest version though), Abiword, Blender(3D modelling), and ClamWin(antivirus). All are from the OpenCD project meaning they are FREE!

That’s what I like about Ubuntu, not only you’re getting a free OS but also free programs for your Windows as well!

Another cool feature of Ubuntu is that you can run it from the CD if you don’t wish to install it. Nothing will be done on your system. Installation of Ubuntu only occurs once you boot from the CD.

Restart you system (make sure your 1st boot device is the CD/DVD drive). Select from the option to start/install Ubuntu. Don’t worry! Ubuntu won’t install yet.

Once Ubuntu is loaded, you’ll be greeted with this GUI: (click pictures to get a larger view!) edit: all pics can be clicked for larger views

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Most expensive parking rate in Malaysia?

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Which hotel do you think charges the most for car parking? My thought would be some swanky and high-class 5 star hotels like Palace of the Golden Horse in Seri Kembangan or the Mandarin Oriental in KL or even the Four Seasons(I think we have one here in Malaysia).

But no… that title goes to an unassuming 3 star resort located in probably one of the most secluded beaches in Sarawak – Siar beach near the Lundu town area, about an hour away from Kuching.

Wah lau eh!!!

Yeap, you read that right – that’s RM 30 after first 15 minutes. Didn’t know how much they charge for the next 15 minutes (not that I wanted to know anyway).

But 30 bucks for 15 minutes? That works out to RM 2 per minute yo!!!! Wah lau, imagine if you park for an hour and assuming the rate is still RM2 a minute (it might be more expensive for all I know), then you’d have to fork out RM120 for the parking leh!

If 3 hours? That’s RM 360 down the drain.  Is there any other place that charges more? Let me know.

This is madness I tell you. If it was the Burj Al Arab, then never mind la cause 7 star hotel what.

I know it’s free for the hotel guests but come to think about it, it’s more expensive to park your car than to actually STAY there. So, might as well get a room so you can avoid paying that exorbitant parking fee, no?

But this?! This is just a 3 star resort leh, and it doesn’t even have proper tarred road to get to the entrance!

Well, at least I feel better now 😉

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House is one whacked out doctor

21 October, 2007 at 2:14 pm (Filler, Songs) (, , , , )

I grew up watching a lot of medical dramas on tv, the most popular one being ER. There are others like the gripping Chicago Hope, and the hilarious Scrubs but one that I really enjoy now is House MD.

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