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My uni had a student representative council election last week.

Erm… I swear I did not write that.

What’s with them candidates and their super bombastic taglines like this one – KEGEMILANGAN INSTITUSI PENCETUS MAHASISWA CEMERLANG DAN TERBILANG. Like wtf? You’re trying to convince lim peh to vote you with that kinda tag line? KNN. Eh hello, can your objective be clearer or not? What are you trying to say? I’d rather your tag line be – ‘vote for me and I’ll fight for your rights’, at least got clearer objective.

I want someone who could represent the students and fight for our rights. Not some idiot who can only spew bombastic-but-lame-ass tag lines. Can’t blame people for scribbling THAT on your pamphlet now can you hur?


I passed up my FYP last Monday, wooooots!
But now, suddenly I feel too free for my liking which is weird cause when I’m too busy, I complain. Now I’m kinda bored since it’ll be 4 weeks till exam.


Last Thursday, I went into Faculty of Computer Science for the 1st time. You see, I have this brilliant course and this brilliant lecturer wanted me to do ONE correction to one of the assignments I passed up earlier. The correction involves reprinting one page that was missing a pic. Fine, I reprinted it. And I was thinking of just gluing the pic on to the page where the pic was originally missing.

But but but this brilliant lecturer wouldn’t accept that. No standard he says. He wanted his assignments to have a certain standard. As standard as his lectures I suppose.

He ordered me to go to the faculty’s general office cause there’s not one but TWO freaking binding machine there. I thought oh ok, I’ll just trudge up to the office, get the new page bonded to the report, submit it and everyone would live happily ever after.

But whadayaknow, those two binding machine isn’t working! No, lemme rephrase that, those TWO farking binding machine in the ENTIRE faculty isn’t working. And to think that the faculty receives millions to buy equipments…

Now what? I was pressed for time so riding the bike out to get it done is out of the question. Then inspiration hits (wah seh). Might as well just go to the nearest other faculty – FCSIT and us their binding machine right? Save money and time some more.

(Digressing a bit, why they chiak pa bo su chor change the name to FCSIT? I thought FIT sounded good)

Anyway, I had a hard time finding the general office. Followed the arrows/directions and used the lift which is like freaking hidden. Found the office and promptly handed the assignment to a lady to get it bonded. A bit pai seh when she asked – eh you from ** one arh? To which I reply – ya, machine rosak.

I have to admit though; the lady was very helpful and sweet. After getting the darn assignment bonded she even said good luck to me knowing that I’m a final year student. Thanks lady! If you’re reading this (which is highly improbable) you rock! And you’re better than some of the staffs from MY faculty.

Only when I took the stairs down to the exit then I realized how near the office is to the entrance (smacks head).


(Disclaimer: The review I’m about to give is solely based on my opinions and does not reflect those of the other audience so please don’t be offended with what I wrote. And don’t be surprised with the amount of crude and hokkien words that I purposely littered for comedic effect 😉 )

Note: All the pics for the plays was courtesy of my phone. Didn’t bring out my FE that night.
Caught the ESL & TESL play last Friday. Here’s the proof:

Before that though, I was contemplating whether I should go and catch the plays or should I just imprison myself in my room and finish up my FYP. FYP or play? FYP or play? Like Shakespeare would say – to go or not to go, that is the question (I know it’s wrong, entertain me a bit ok?)

Then I thought, screw FYP. My mind needed some rightful rests from all those typing and drawings so off I went with my friends to the old campus.

Digressing, here’s a bit of trivia: did you know that during Shakespeare’s time, all his plays had male casts only? Imagine Juliet played by a dude smooching Romeo, also a dude, in Romeo & Juliet. Major eewww!

2 plays were staged that night – Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and the ancient Greek play Oedipus Rex. Shakespeare’s play was the first one up.

What was it about (first play)?
Alright I’m just gonna summarize the content of the play from the pamphlet. Much Ado About Nothing tells the story of love, comedy and good-over-evil. The play took place at Mesina which was a peaceful town under the rule of Signor Leonato. Peaceful that is until the arrival of Don Pedro and his men.

Don Pedro’s companion, Count Cladio was secretly in love with Leonato’s daughter, Hero (whoa, nice name for a girl) while another companion, Signor Benedick had a love-hate relationship with Leonato’ niece, Beatrice. While Caludio and Hero provided the romantic part of the play, Benedick and Beatrice was responsible for the comedy part.

All hell broke loose when Don Pedro’s bastard brother Don John concocted some evil plan to break up the marriage of Claudio and Hero by making Hero’s chastity questionable. But all’s well end’s well when the truth was finally revealed.

My take on the play:

The play started off well enough with a sing and dance opening act by all the casts. I couldn’t remember the song though. But it did reminded my of High School Musical or even Grease! I guess it’s inevitable though what’s with HSM’s popularity and all. But it’s really refreshing to have this sort of sing and dance act incorporated into a Shakespeare play. Me likes!

Oh, and the idea of having a LIVE BAND playing the background music is fcuking marvelous. Bonus points for that.

Let’s bogey babeh!

My only gripe is that the actor’s pronunciation on certain lines and words are a bit not clear. Sometimes I tried hard to understand certain words uttered during the play and this kinda potong stim a bit lar. But other than that, it was fantastic! (Or maybe it’s because I very seldom watch plays hmmm…)

My take on the casts:

Again, splendid job on the selection of the casts. There’s this girl who I can’t remember her name or character (I was too distracted by the Canon dSLR next to me and its phallic looking lens) and had only a brief scene but she did it with all her heart. She was really ‘into’ her character and act/dance/sing with all her heart. Even did a little peek-a-boo at the end 😉

Teo Fang Liang played the character Don Pedro (GASP! I didn’t know he was Chinese till I read the pamphlet), Claudio was Teddy Nelson, and Daniel Francis Xavier was Benedick. All three of them did a good job playing the leads but Daniel stood out cause he over-acted. But his overacting isn’t the one that would make us cringe, instead it made us laughed which is actually a good thing cause his character is supposed to be humorous and goofy.

There as one particular scene when Claudio went all HULKRAGE and flung the chair hard, almost hitting some of the actresses upon discovering Hero’s infidelity. Whoa, that was some scary shit though. Teddy was very ‘in’ to his character which was good but almost at the expense of his fellow cast’s head.

Claudio was sibeh tulan upon discovering his wife’s was a lesbian infidelity.

Digressing a bit, due to the lack of male students in ESL/TESL, a great portion of male characters were played by females. Now I don’t have anything against that, maybe a reversal of what happened during Shakespeare’s time (refer trivia above). But I was slightly confused on why the heck was Cludio so mad that his wife-to-be was involved in a lesbianism tryst? I mean he gets to marry her and get a lesbian lover in tow, whoopee!

But when I read the scripts again I realized that the supposedly lesbian scene wasn’t actually lesbianic at all. It’s just that a female was cast to play the male’s role, making the infidelity scene looked more like a girl-on-girl action. No wonder la Claudio so mad tsk tsk.

As for the ladies… I’d have to say Amy Philomena Uni who played Beatrice was pretty good especially in the scene where she cried – almost made me shed a tear too (the keyword here is ALMOST cause I have a stone for a heart).

Alls well ends well I guess

Hehe, let me add this last part – I think the cast who was most perfectly suited to his character was Lee Yung Fook who plays the Friar. He almost convinced me he was a real priest!

Review of second play, Oedipus Rex:

What was it about?

Okay, instead of summarizing what’s in the pamphlet, I’ve decided to get my lazy ass in front of my com and search for info on Oedipus. Basically the play’s about Oedipus who as a baby was dumped to die by his parents – King Laius and Queen Iocasta(or was it Jocasta? cause that’s what wikipedia says). Some oracle had predicted that Laius would die by the hand of his son thus warrants the action above.

However, Oedipus was adopted by the King and Queen of Polybus and as an adult he lived one hell of a hedonistic lifestyle – getting his greasy palms on chicks and boozing all night long. All was fine and dandy until one day while he was feng tau-ing at his favorite club some bugger told him he was adopted. Obviously the fella was sibeh pissed after hearing that. And so he left Corinth to avoid the prophecy from happening.

Oedipus: Are those flowers growing up your ass?

To sum it up, he met his father and his entourage during his journey but unbeknown to Oedipus, he thought of them as a bunch of pai kia travelers. Of course being a n00b, he went and kill them! Thus part of the prophecy was fulfilled, that his father would die in his hands.

Oedipus then went on to solve the Spinx’s riddle and was rewarded the kingship of Thebes and the hands of the queen. Okay here is where it gets freaky because the queen was none other than IOCASTA/JOCASTA! Incest kao kao. And so, the prophecy was completed.

From here onwards, everything spiral downhill for the dumbass known as Oedipus. You guys can google it up to read the full story.

My take on the play:

The play starts with a narrator (I believe its Choragus, correct me if I’m wrong) giving the intro to the play. This narration style gives it a third person feel to the play. Might I add that the narrator is quite a sweet looker. *cough*intro me*cough* Too bad she was wearing a mask throughout the play.

This is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The play’s mood started well enough with superb lighting reflecting the situation in each scene. This play also has a dance/sing routine much like the previous play. Very very good selection of music I’d have to say (probably cause I know most of them). Some that I remembered and had my feet tapping to the:

a)Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive (I was shamelessly singing along)
b)The Platter’s Stand By Me
c)Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girl
d)Some songs from High School Musical?
e)Paul Simon’s Lion Sleeps Tonight (or was it N’ Sync’s version?)
f)Teriyaki Boys’ Fast and Furious
g)Theme songs from Survivor, Star Wars & Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

wrt b) and c) the songs were sung one after another – a capella style, good stuffs.

A lot of comedy was inserted into this otherwise very serious/tragedy plays. Which I think is good because serious/sad plays were never my forte. My only gripe was that the second half of the play was a bit dragging, maybe just slightly too long. Some of my friends think likewise too which was inevitable considering the scope of tragedy that must be fit into the second half. I’m sure real drama/plays enthusiasts would disagree with me cause I saw a lot of people enjoyed the serious part. Maybe I was just inexperienced.

My take on the casts:

Now this is where I get really pumped up cause the cast selection was simply fantastic. Lots and lots of eye candy to sooth the raging testosterone in me. There’s the narrator (pheewiiiit!), and Iocasta/Jocasta. Some other SYT(Sweet Young Things) were pretty hot looking too but were relegated to playing background/props/trees(?). Indeed it was unfortunate but to fit in 45 people in a play that centers only on a few main characters is definitely not an easy task. So some, well actually most of them have to play supporting roles (trying hard not to use the word ke-le-fer here)

Why do I get to be the trees? Sobs.

A big round of applause also goes to Mohd Azril Adnan who played Oedipus. How the heck did he managed to memorize all those lines in a span of 3 weeks? This is madness I tell you. Not only him, but how did the entire casts of play 1 & 2 managed to do that in such a short amount of time? I salute you guys.

Argh! When’s the director gonna blog about it Click here to read it straight from the director herself.

All in all, I was glad I gave my FYP the ditch and caught this play. I had a fcuking good time there watching the ESL/TESL student doing their thang haha and ogling at all the SYTs. So erm… when’s the next play? hehe



  1. YEN said,

    LOL! I agree with u about d taglines stuff.. They are just convincing ppl to vote for them.. N after they get d position.. They forget all about their promises n everything they say that they’ll do for us students.. No offence but that’s what usually happens in real life out there! -_-||

    I like Shakespeare’s works a lot~!! He has great talents in literature and so on.. Hahax! U’re also involved in those two play staging? Cool.. Din’t know that u actually act.. =P

    Um.. r u hokkien lang?!

  2. s1ck0™ said,

    Yen dude,

    Did ya read da post properly, i think u should, hahahaha…
    He aint not actor, just a crowd.

    And about the election thingy, it even applies to the current government, hahahaha….
    (btw, I aint no political freak, so the statement is only based on my opinion, correct me if i’m wrong)

  3. YEN said,

    Oops.. I think I’ve mistaken.. =P Was reading it in a hurry.. LoLx! Soweee… ><

  4. EstherVSH said,

    LoL! Enjoyed your review… Cheers!

    Unig: Thanks, but what took you so long?! Hahaha! And when do you wanna collect your 20 cents? Hee hee

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