What happened to Sibu?

15 October, 2007 at 11:50 am (Misc pics, Mumblings, Scenery, Songs) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Celebrated Raya yesterday by going to a record 5 houses! That would be 2 lecturers’, 1 faculty staff, and 2 friends’. We even took a bot tambang to get to the staff’s house!

It was on an island(?) Kampung Bako. Imagine the village to be something like Pulau Ketam with wooden planks connecting each houses. Very unique and a refreshing change from the usual.

A funny conversation took place between me and my course mate during the visit to the village:

Me: Eh, kau selama ni pergi raya pernah naik bot pergi rumah orang beraya?

Him: Tak pernah. (In the most monotonous voice ever)

Me & and him: HAHAHAHA!

Somebody actually ended up taking a piece off the boat tambang HAHA! It’s an inside joke.

Another funny conversation took place at a lecturer’s house when I casually mentioned good pussy when referring to his cat. It got all of us in stitches and the lecturer even mentioned(in his British accent): you got to be careful with the word pussy cause it’s double meaning you know. LOL!

Btw, I didn’t bring my FE out that night so no pics from the visits.


Watched Hairspray after the visits. It was a good musical movie – good enough to keep me from dozing off. If you like High School Musical you would enjoy this as well.

The movie had me shamelessly dancing(a bit) on the way to the car park. But I still can’t get the image of John Travolta in drag outta my mind.


Was supposed to go to Sibu today, but canceled at the last minute because:

a) Supposed to take the express boat, but none of us have any idea where the jetty/port is.

b) Even if we know where the jetty is, we’re not sure there’s any tickets left and what time the boat will be leaving.

c) Some accommodation problems.

Maybe next time.


Last set of pics from the Cameron Highlands trip. Was going to show them much later but bloody Flickr is threatening to gobble up my pics cause I’ve reached the limit of my free account(200 pics).

First up, strawberries! I dunno why but them strawberries tasted sweet up there in Cameron, but sour when brought back down to the lowlands.

Knowing me, you would have expected a panoramic shot wouldn’t you? Click the pic for a larger view. Taken at the BOH’s Sungai Palas plantation.

Bees!!!!!!!!! I was within 2 feet away from them but they were harmless enough though, provided they aren’t agitated. Shot with regular macro.

My most favorite pic of the entire trip. Taken with super macro at a cactus farm. Can you see the water droplets?


I’ve listened to half of James Blunt’s newest album already, titled All The Lost Souls and I’m sorry to say I’ve yet to find any stand out songs, you know like You’re Beautiful or Goodbye My Lover that made him so famous a couple of years back.

Sigh. I hope he hasn’t lost the touch. Or maybe I should continue listening. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Maybe.

Anyway, here’s one of his better ones that I managed to find from the internet – One of the Brightest Stars. Click to listen.

Disclaimer: This song is meant to be samples only, unig.wordpress.com does not support piracy. If you like the song, please show some support by buying his albums. TQ


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