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I went to Phuket last year but never published any photos. So here they are.

Nice emerald colored sea and stretches of sandy beaches packed with Caucasian and Thai bikini babes showing off their hot bods 😉

Can’t believe this place was also the same one devastated by tsunami in 2004. You almost can’t tell.

I believe this is the biggest temple in Phuket.

Close-up of the same temple. Too bad I haven’t learn how to use panoramic shot at that time. Otherwise I could have snapped a full length photo.

Though this place is called Bangla Boxing Stadium, you would not find any people of Bangladeshi descent throwing punches here. Named after the road – Bangla Road.

Interestingly, Bangla Road happens to be the most happening stretch of road in Phuket. The road itself isn’t long – 400 meters the most. But the shear number of clubs, go-go bars, strip club @ tiger show is just mind-boggling. There are multiple lanes on each side of the road that lead to even more clubs – I estimate there to be 80 to 100 clubs and bars on Bangla Road itself.

Interestingly, the road is separated to 2 sides, not physically though – one side is where real girls/women ply their trade and another side is for transvestites/lady boys. Though they’re segregated their job scope pretty much remain the same – waitress/bar girls, accompanying customer, strippers, and probably other jobs as well, if you know what I mean.

Don’t worry though, I was just a spectator and was not involved in any of the activities above 😉

One thing I do notice is how open the society is towards these activities which would have been considered as vices here, in our country. It’s the first time I saw half naked women (and transvestites) dance on a podium/table in an open area. Some would be clad only in their bras and panties and still be dancing just a couple of feet away from the street.

The people who work at the bars in Phuket are also very very friendly. The video below is a testament to that. I was walking around the streets just shooting video with my FE when suddenly these 3 bargirls decided to pose for me. I was a bit taken aback cause they probably thought I was taking a picture. I just said thanks and quickly scramble away hehe.

They are friendly alright. I wonder if the high currency exchange rate has anything to do with that.

And if you’re a guy walking alone (or with other guy buddies) you can be pretty sure some bar girl would grab you and sometimes even hug you just to get you(and your buddies) to drink in their bar.


Don’t let the photo above fool you though, it wasn’t taken at Phuket but at My Top Restaurant here in Samarahan, with my phone. Just to illustrate what you’ll probably be drinking everyday if you decide to go to Phuket. Cheap beer and stouts.

My best photo taken at the famed Patong Beach.

There are lot’s of other photos but I don’t think it’s appropriate to post here. Must maintain the cleanliness of this site you see haha.

Oh in case you’re wondering, this site is rated:


Do you know that band Breaking Benjamin? The one that’s famous with their song Diary of Jane? Well, wayyyyy before they were well known and received tons of air play for that song, I was already listening to them.

Here’s one of my favorite: Forget It. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This song is meant to be a sample only, does not support piracy. If you like the song, please show some support by buying their albums. TQ

Edit: I just found out that some comments were directed to my spam box and I accidentally deleted them when clearing the spam box. Sorry if your comment didn’t appear, I’ll be more careful next time! So keep those comments coming!



  1. James said,

    I like the last pic the most. Just nice…

    Good job!

    Unig: Yeah, but it almost burnt my camera’s CCD!

  2. pelf said,

    Yeah I love that last shot! 🙂

    Unig: Thank you, I’m glad you like it.

  3. YEN said,

    No wonder some of d comments I posted had been deleted larhx!! >.<

  4. pelf-ism is contagious » Link loves for top commentators said,

    […] finally shares some of the pictures he took while visiting Phuket last […]

  5. CK said,

    Hi, the colours of the temple are nice, but unfortunately the spire of the roof is chopped off. You should have taken a few step back to get a better framing. 🙂

  6. a_giu™ said,

    nice pics…
    i believe unig knows that he need to step back a bit to capture the whole temple..
    most probably he has a reason for that…

    who knows…
    there are some hookers or ah kua behind him..
    so he cant back off even a little..
    just to protect his precious a$$…

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