Most expensive parking rate in Malaysia?

22 October, 2007 at 3:39 pm (Funny pics) (, , , , )

Which hotel do you think charges the most for car parking? My thought would be some swanky and high-class 5 star hotels like Palace of the Golden Horse in Seri Kembangan or the Mandarin Oriental in KL or even the Four Seasons(I think we have one here in Malaysia).

But no… that title goes to an unassuming 3 star resort located in probably one of the most secluded beaches in Sarawak – Siar beach near the Lundu town area, about an hour away from Kuching.

Wah lau eh!!!

Yeap, you read that right – that’s RM 30 after first 15 minutes. Didn’t know how much they charge for the next 15 minutes (not that I wanted to know anyway).

But 30 bucks for 15 minutes? That works out to RM 2 per minute yo!!!! Wah lau, imagine if you park for an hour and assuming the rate is still RM2 a minute (it might be more expensive for all I know), then you’d have to fork out RM120 for the parking leh!

If 3 hours? That’s RM 360 down the drain.Β  Is there any other place that charges more? Let me know.

This is madness I tell you. If it was the Burj Al Arab, then never mind la cause 7 star hotel what.

I know it’s free for the hotel guests but come to think about it, it’s more expensive to park your car than to actually STAY there. So, might as well get a room so you can avoid paying that exorbitant parking fee, no?

But this?! This is just a 3 star resort leh, and it doesn’t even have proper tarred road to get to the entrance!

Well, at least I feel better now πŸ˜‰



  1. ShaolinTiger said,

    Er it says RM30 after first 15 minutes, means first 15 minutes is free, however long you stay after that is RM30..

    But it’s normally like that for hotels anyway it’s to discourage non guests from parking there.

    If you really want to park, have to pay the crazy fee.

    Unig: Haha, yeah I guess you’re right. But they might have some other hidden fees we wouldn’t know of.

    Btw, I parked next to the entrance – just to piss them hotel people off πŸ˜‰

  2. Anston said,

    Walao Eh~ That is the highest car park rate i had seen before!

    SIAO~ eh!

    Unig: Ya lo, siao la these people. They deserve to be spank hard. Haha

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