Are These Pics For Real? The Pigs Scandal!

26 October, 2007 at 1:20 pm (Misc pics) (, , , )

Psst… whatever you do just don’t show these pics to JAIS. Don’t want them to get heart attacks or something!

I usually receive quite a lot of forwarded mails, most of them bizarre stuffs. Some are quite geli. Often times, I don’t check these forwarded mails because of time constraints.

I still have nearly 1000 mails I haven’t check.

But one of them caught my attention. It was titled ‘Awek dan babi’ or something like that.



In the hood yo!


I have a very funny caption for this one but had to refrain from typing it. Don’t want to kena ISA-ed.



Eh since this is a Friday, does this post qualifies as Girl Friday? πŸ˜‰

p/s: I did some research and found out that they might be veterinarian students. I just found these pics interesting. No offense to anyone, be it pig haters or pig lovers hehe.



  1. jerry said,

    woW…WTF…!!! “thEY” were Muslim MAAANNNnnnnn…..
    BABI betuL…
    shit…they were so advanced, holding a pig like holding thier CATs or whatever pets they are liking.
    reaLLy….BABI man!!!

  2. CY said,

    Wonder how the photos got forwarded and what’s the agenda… :/

  3. tomatoinc said,

    guys, these pictures are real.

    these are UPM vets students, who took the picture in an effort to promote the indiscrimination towards animal, be it pig, dogs, or any God-creations.

    Please take it well. Sometimes, good people (malays, chinese, indians or what-ever) can exists out there.

  4. Unig said,

    jerry: Relax man, I think they are pretty brave to be doing something like that πŸ˜€

    CY: I don’t think there’s any agenda, just look at it from an educational point. Promoting veterinary or something.

    tomatoinc : Thanks for the info. Just curious bout those pics. Not insulting anyone’s religion or race. Which is why there’s no ref to any of that in the post.

  5. s1ck0β„’ said,

    Even i’ve never been to a pig farm,
    come to think i never went to a chicken or duck farm either
    Well, the point is, cool…… πŸ™‚

  6. unig said,

    Yeah, it is cool πŸ˜€

  7. slowcatchupkuan said,

    wow! unbelievable…

  8. melvin,foong said,

    Whats wrong with taking pictures with pigs ?

  9. Matthew said,

    Yes, they are definitely UPM vet students doing their industrial training at a pig farm. I’m from UPM too doing animal science.

    The person who started forwarding this pics must have a hidden agenda. Ada udang di sebalik batu or… sekadar mahu menjadi batu api.

    There’s nothing wrong with Muslims handling pigs, there’s a way to wash up after handling pigs.

  10. Trip to Malaysia’s famous-est National Park: Bako « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] Pictures were featured here. […]

  11. naychelava said,

    UNIG knowing you, you probably paid some of your lengluis to dress up like that. Just to be controversial perhaps. Man you are one crazy dude! but…..made me laugh. Daring thats all I would say. Krazy!

  12. abg halim said,

    I want to fuck this girl 18 times an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. morgan said,

    yeah, i htink hte pigs are real. am i rite?

  14. morgan said,

    you are fucking kiding me. that is not real.

  15. unig said,

    No I am not fucking kidding you. The pics are real my dear visitor from Florida =)

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