Quarter Arsed English part 2

9 November, 2007 at 8:14 pm (Filler) (, )

Remember this post I did a couple of days ago?

Well, guess what? The ‘boy’ is at it again! The massacre of language! The carnage!

He did a post recently, about some food he had in Singapore. He kept on saying the place was at Geyland. Then I thought, where the fcuk is this place called Geyland anyway?

I’ve been to Singapore many many times and I’ve never heard of that place. But maybe it does exist.

Maybe it’s a place where gay gey people roam around freely. I dunno… I don’t wanna go there.

So I kept scrolling and look what I found!

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Dejavu man. Remember Failing Leaves?

He kept on using Geyland for the entire entry. Please excuse me while I go laugh my ass off.

Does he have a reading deficiency? Well judging from how many books he claimed to have read, shouldn’t be what?

Dude boy, if you’re gonna write a food review, at least GET THE NAME OF THE PLACE CORRECT FIRST, CAN?!

The world is going to end apparently. The blogging world that is.



  1. a_giu™ said,

    i really don’t know what to say bout him…
    try to act smart with his shitty english….
    “GEYLAND” my arse!!!

  2. slowcatchupkuan said,

    i cut paste one of the sentence that u quote from hi blog and googled it hahaha

  3. unig said,

    a_giu™: Let’s go kick his ass shall we?

    slowcatchupkuan: very sneaky… I like hehe

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