Best damn thing I’ve ever made.

13 November, 2007 at 4:07 pm (Misc pics) (, , , , , )

Exam’s over, so yeah I’m back! Business as usual. And I promise no more bitching about other people’s blog, spelling, shitty sentences etc etc. That phase is so over. But before that…


WHO THE FUCK LEFT HIS UNDERWEAR ON THE STAIRCASE? I almost ended up touching that shitty piece of undergarment on my way to exam last week. Not that I purposely wanted to touch it but I picked up something I dropped the other day and ALMOST brush my hand against it.

Yes, it’s red but I sure as hell ain’t touching that filthy piece of garb no matter what people said about red underwear = luck.

I’ll fail my exam if I touched that.

Whoever left it there, pick it up. It’s not funny ok? Do it before I send my goons to stuff them right back into your mouth where it belongs. Failing that I’ll sell it on e-bay, I’m sure some crazy rich Japanese businessman wouldn’t mind adding this to his underwear ‘collection’.

*update: Went down for dinner just now, and guess what? It’s still there, just a bit crumpled though. The cleaners don’t wanna touch it (is it a wonder?). I guess it’ll stay there till some bastard ran out of undies and forgot he left one at the stairs. I’ll have my goons wait for him there.


About a couple of months ago, I made some kick-ass stuffs during my practice workshop session (which should have been conducted during my first year if it wasn’t for some screw up on someone’s behalf).

Anyway, what exactly can you make out of this crappy looking piece of cylindrical metal?

You’re probably wondering, what? other than throwing it at scary looking dogs at your neighborhood that tries to chase you down and grab a piece of your ass, right?

Wrong! Now behold:










Stop asking me if it’s a dildo because it obviously isn’t. It’s a err… I have no idea what this thing is actually or what it is used for.

It’s part of my assignment and I was given a drawing of what I have to make. So, if anyone is offended by its phallic resemblance, don’t blame me okay.

Another angle. Some of my friends even said the ring or groove around the neck resembles erm… a forehead? Luckily there’s a thin neck to avoid from totally resembling it.

The whole thing’s about 10 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter. Look at how shiny it is!

The back end of it. There’s actually a reason for the protrusion at the back. Seems pretty innocent doesn’t it? Just wait, there’s some sexual innuendo to it at the end.

In case you’re wondering what machine I used do make this kick-ass (but useless) object, I used a lathe machine, files, and some good old fashion sand paper to bring out the shine. This is how a lathe machine looks like:

Complicated? Actually, no. Learned to use it in half an hour. It can do a lot of kick-ass stuffs from making simple stuffs like pen to high tech parts like engine pistons. As long as its long and cylindrical. No shit, a pen?

More like PenQuid™. As in pen+liquid paper getit?

My friends made them during 2nd year. All metal. Hand made. Kick-ass doesn’t it?

And no, I’m not gonna make you a metal dildo. No matter how much money you offer me hehe.

Another close-up of the forehead (just to show you how kick ass my macro shot is) :

You’re probably saying what’s with all the holes and lines man, ain’t it supposed to be perfect? Well, I can make it perfect and shiny but than I think why spend 10 hours sandpapering and sweating over a 1 hour credit course? I have better things to do like sleep, play games, and updating this blog 🙂

There’s another one I made actually:







Again, it doesn’t serve much purpose. Maybe it can be used as a paper weight.

That masterpiece above started it’s life looking this shitty:

Shitty piece of rusted metal.

But with some tender loving care (and whole lot of sandpapering). It turns out just fine. Let’s go macro:

Again, the purpose of this pic is not to show you the shoddy workmanship but rather to admire at the awesomeness of my FE’s macro.

Someone actually took the effort to sandpaper their work to perfection. Damn you, now my masterpiece looked like the moon’s surface when placed next to yours.

Said someone’s work. Blearh….

Just a reminder, all our work started out looking like this:

And ended up like this:

Doesn’t it just kick ass at so many levels?




Oh ya, the sexual innuendo I was talking about:

Remember this protrusion?


And the hole?

You see, in order for us to get good marks for this workshop practice, it doesn’t matter how shiny or how dimensionally accurate your works turn out to be. The most important thing is that the projection is able to enter the hole on the flat plate.

No shit? Not only we’re required to make something that resembles a metal phallus, we also have to make it penetrate the plate.


Sometimes, I just love my course 😉



  1. slowcatchupkuan said,

    hahahahah omg! have you found out who’s the owner of the red underwear??? hahahah
    don be angry. mari i belanje u ice cold Heiniken haha

    neway they thing u made look damn cool. can i have one 😛

  2. slowcatchupkuan said,

    hey mind exchanging links?

  3. unig said,

    Yeah, why not. Being the gentleman that I am(ehem) I already linked you up. 10 ice cold heineken pls kthxbai 😉

  4. sabochii said,

    Hi thr, ur site looks interesting, so I thought of inviting u to participate in the card design competition for our website n win a 32”LCD Samsung TV. Plz hurry n chk out . thnx Sabochii

  5. as said,

    damn. i love your language

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