Uni Shots Part 1: Before You Guys Forget

19 November, 2007 at 1:38 pm (Songs, Uni pics) (, , , , , )

Song of the day:

Why aren’t they making songs like this anymore? Oh wait, Crazy Frog did. But he butchered it.

Regarding my last post, I am really not that shallow. I mean which guy doesn’t like to look at pretty girl(s)? I like looking at pretty girls as much as you girls like to ogle/salivate/aroused at Orlando Bloom/ Brad Pitt/ Wang Lee Hom/[insert any hot male actors/singers/ models of your choice here]. And I’m not going to be a hypocrite and tell you shits like looks doesn’t matter, it’s all in the heart, as long as the girl doesn’t screw you over or materialistic etc etc.

To me, it all matters – just my preference on how a girl balances it good i.e: decent looking/okay personality/not too overly materialistic(let’s admit it everyone is materialistic no matter how much they say they aren’t, the difference is in the extent).

For those who mailed me asking question like “but unig, u’ve also posted their pics up without their permission LOL”. Well, listen ass wipes, unlike those sites I don’t make a single cent of profit posting up their pictures in MY PERSONAL site expressing MY PERSONAL opinions. Besides, it’s not like they posted up their e-mails for me to contact them.

So remember girls, next time when you want to post up a picture of, say Orlando Bloom/ Brad Pitt/ Wang Lee Hom/[insert any hot male actors/singers/ models of your choice here] don’t forget to ask for their permissions. And they are going to reply your mail saying “Yeah sure, go ahead. By the way thanks for being my fan LOL” along with the millions or so mails they receive everyday. Righhhhht…. turds.


I was going around a couple of my uni mates’ blogs and it seems that they most were all already back to their respective homes/hometowns. I won’t be back yet till next month due to my obligations to FYP. Seems like most of them are having a whale of a time especially with the end of the dreaded exams.

But somethings bugging me though, looks like a lot of you guys are having so much fun that you seem to have forgotten how the university looked like! In order to remind you that, I’m going to dedicate this entire week with picture posts of our uni less you forget how many more miserable years you guys have to endure(also because the last time I did a uni post was like 2 months ago).


The road leading to CAIS(library). Again, the use of a nearby dustbin substituted the need for tripod. A similar shot taken during night time can be found here (opposite direction though).


Face Off: FCSIT on the left and Engineering Faculty on the right.


The chancellory where all the important people work. I’ve only been there once but the view from up there was breath taking. Should go there again and take some pictures when I have the time.


Same view but taken with panoramic(vertical) mode to give you a larger view. Notice the slight concaving distortion?


This actually old news for those who study at my uni. They are actually building a golf course! Right in front of the hostel I’m staying! The construction has been pretty furious, they even worked throughout night time. Notice the amber/jade green color of the water in the pool they dug? It’s not dirty or algae ridden in fact the water is actually crystal clear! Somehow the soil condition(acidic? ferrous?) changed the water’s color.

Stay tuned for part 2.



  1. blurryhunniee said,

    i like to look at drop-dead-gorgeous-hot babes too!! i feel so gay already xD

  2. YeN said,

    Hey.. it’s been quite a while since I dropped by to read ur post.. LoLx!

    How r u lately? Btw, r u having hols now or still in Uni?

    Once again, nice pics! Ur good in picture taking.. Seriously! 😉

  3. YeN said,

    Oops.. sori again.. I didn’t read d post properly! Argh!
    It’s 2.30am in d morning n I am soo blur.. >< Forgive me will ya! 😉

  4. unig said,

    blurryhunniee: Haha don’t be. They say looking at pretty girls will prolong one’s life. Not sure if it’s true or not.

    YeN: Thanks for dropping by. I’m still pretty busy. You know, FYP and stuffs. Have fun in your hometown.

  5. Photography: Planetise your panorama pictures « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] panorama (originally from here): […]

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