Uni Shots Part 2: View From The Window

21 November, 2007 at 7:13 pm (Uni pics) (, , , , )


Those who have been to this site long enough (and wasted away your time reading the garbage I wrote or looking at my puke-inducing photos) would know that I stay at Alamanda College. For those who don’t study here, Alamanda College is actually a residential hostel meant for the uni’s old people aka seniors. I don’t know why they call it college when in fact they are just a collection of apartment buildings. Funny how they name things…

Nonetheless, staying at Alamanda college gives me the privilege to improve my photography skills. Armed with my FE, I would go around several apartments, peering precariously out of the window or balcony to take the best shots possible. You can check out some of them here and here(my favorite by far).

As for today, I’m just gonna show you some pics I took from my room’s window. These are what I wake up to every morning:


There! Can you see it? The golf course they are constructing right in front of my hostel. This pic is quite old actually(about 2 months?). The greens have already started to grow by now and the course is near completion.


An obviously shitty attempt at panoramic shot by yours truly. Damn you photoshop!


This is what I do when I’m studying but can’t seem to get anything into my puny brain. I’ll just look at the clouds passing by and see if it’ll turn into funny shapes. I was bored ok?!


A less shitty attempt at panorama photography. I stitched 3 photos for this pic.


For this shot, I went a bit overboard and used 4 photos to make it. Took the pics vertically as opposed to horizontally(previous pic) giving it a long-ish feel.


To end this post, I’m gonna see if you guys you can tell me what this symbol means:



No heart here? No love allowed? Have fun guessing. Answer will be revealed in the next post.



  1. Stephen said,

    I’m guessing ‘no people with pacemakers allowed’. 🙂

  2. Uni Shots Part3: Panorama Overload « UniG said,

    […] Click here to see a normal (no panorama) shot of the same view […]

  3. hmmsigh said,

    Hornyestly these pictures are awesome Uniq. I love the Uni pics with the clouds especially. Cause I love clouds like that too. Bet you watched a lot of tennis when the lengluis are playing. haha. So clever! Go for wat you dream for.

  4. everythingisimpermanent said,

    That comment [abt how the clouds will turn into funny shapes] I can really relate to that. Sailing , we’ve nothing to do but watch the clouds and try to figure out what we could see, dragons, whales, babies , faces, puppydogs n even embryos , yes even embryos, weird I know …..

  5. everythingisimpermanent said,

    There is no room for God in him who is full of himself. quote from onelittleangel.com

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