1 December, 2007 at 1:00 am (Funny pics) (, , , )

*Update: I banged out this post yesterday night when I was quite sleepy hence the incoherent babbling. So here comes a more detailed version. Several readers had pointed out that it’s due to the DNS or something like that. I’m not familiar with servers and routings. By the way I forgot to warn that this post contains pictures depicting nudity from the most unlikely source. Updates are in blue text fonts.

Or is there something wrong with my browser?

Screenshot taken at 12.40 am. Absolutely nothing was changed or modified. Click the picture for a larger view. *I tried licking clicking the picturehunter logo but it can’t be licked clicked.

Did somebody hacked my computer instead and defaced google? On my com?

*I’m using Firefox version with Bitdefender antivirus and relying solely on Windows firewall. don’t think my com has anything important enough to be hacked.

This is confusing. I checked (Google Singapore) and everything’s fine.

*I used IE to log into at around 1 am and it seems to be ok.

I know Google would sometimes play an April Fool’s joke but this is December wei.

*I checked again this morning and everything returned to normal. Damn, Google got me all excited for nothing.


Yes I was listening to Blink 182’s I Miss You. Having a blast from the past moment.

Why is there a picture of a naked woman with a dildo lodged between her vagina? Where’s the Google logo? What the fuck happened?

*Ok ok, for now I’m gonna assume there’s a screw up with the DNS server or whatever the hell that is. But let me tell you, yesterday after experiencing this traumatizing event I almost had to sleep with the lights turned on. Needless to say I was also hoping that this would continue to happen from time to time hehe. Anyone ever had a similar experience?



  1. Hasbullah Pit said,

    1.07 am
    it look fine.

    are your sure, not the DNS pointing to the real google malaysia?

  2. hahaha said,

    DNS Spoof. It might be due to wrong dns cache on ur routers / ur local dns servers got meddled with spyware. check ur pc.. or use a proxy website / ip to check again

    Defenitely there is no problem with google servers.. rest in peace..

  3. jim said,

    Haha this is to fucking weird dude. But I’ll be happy if google decides to do that from now, yeah!

  4. unig said,

    Hasbullah Pit & hahaha : Not sure about the DNS thing though cause IE seems to be displaying it fine. Only happens to Firefox.

    jim: Erm, not sure what you’re talking about 😉

  5. Hasbullah Pit said,

    It that case,
    maybe the temp ? cache file screwed up.
    it display the wrong file.

    have you visit “pichunter” or related site before?


  6. unig said,

    pichunter? never heard of it before.

    I have better taste hehe 😉

  7. Enjo kōsai: Compensated dating or prostitution? « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] maybe once but then again, it happened to me ok?! And it was traumatizing […]

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