You call me a n00b?

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Exam results are out!

The exam I’m talking about is the university one. Not STPM, SPM or PMR. I’d have to congratulate the uni admin because for once they were actually competent and did their job fast thus squashing some of my doubts about public service’s efficiency.

And the good news is we don’t need to waste anymore money calling the Tele-Academic just to check our results. The RM2 saved could have bought me 2 sticks of Sate Buntut aka Asshole Sate. Yes, the Asshole sate does exist and it’s a Sarawak’s delicacy, will do a review about it when I have the time. Which is like 10 years from now.

Oh yeah, about the exam? Let’s just say my dream of getting in the dean’s list will still remain a dream for now. I’ve done everything in my capacity and though admittedly I could have studied just a tiny bit more, what’s done is done. I guess the phrase most appropriate would be:


No use crying over spill milk ink.

The picture was an old one. Taken during second year when I was renting outside campus. I was trying to refill the printer’s ink you see. Clumsy-ass me.


Some people who stumbled upon this site either accidentally or because you’ve been mislead by the post title that seemingly sounds exciting but in reality, the contents are pretty mediocre would probably also noticed that I started blogging at around August this year. Some of you might even let out a snigger with the word ‘n00b’ popping up in your head.

Fact is I’ve been doing this blogging thing much much longer, well let’s not call it blogging in it’s current usage. What is actually blogging? To quote wikipedia:

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

If that’s the case, that means I’ve been blogging since the year 2000, and went on a 6 year hiatus. Back then I was in form 4, having just finished PMR I was given a choice to choose which stream I wanted to be in. Naturally, like every impressionable people out there I chose science stream. But unlike most other school that offers only biology, my school also has Information Technology(IT) and engineering drawing as part of the science stream. It was one of those pioneering Sekolah Bestari or smart school.

As mentioned in one of the previous post, I took up IT. One of my first assignment was to design a web page, host in on a website and update it regularly with some form of content. Those contents usually are stuffs that happened in our lives, our interests, or maybe even discuss a topic. Sounds familiar?

I designed my web page with Microsoft Frontpage and the occasional Macromedia Dreamweaver(before Adobe bought it over). I also used Macromedia Flash (ver.4 which I think is one of the best, I want none of those bullshit MX stuffs). At one point I became so obsessed with Flash that I almost designed the entire web page with multiple page links all entirely using Flash only.

If you’re wondering what’s so good about this Flash thing is, back in year 2000 most of us were still chugging along with our 56K modems and websites/pages are still relatively not media rich. The few luckier ones would have 64K ISDN or dual-line 128K ISDN(the arrival of broadband effectively killed these two technology) but then again speed wasn’t yet essential.

There wasn’t youtube or torrent, MSN, Yahoo and AltaVista were the kings of search, Napster ruled, podcast and streaming audio were rare. Basically, Flash was one of the few things that brought multimedia to our screen. The animation, the graphics and the sound was considered somewhat sophisticated back then. Only big company’s website can afford to put Flash apps into their websites. So for us, a bunch of 16 year olds to have interactive Shockwave Flash loading from our page was really something.


I also used Swish, almost like Flash but capable of much more intricate text effects with a smaller installer.

Speaking of podcast, I did my first ever audio file recording and distribution on the world wide web(yah, that’s what we call the cyberspace back then) 7 years ago. We don’t even call it podcasting back then. It was simply audio distribution.

I used an el cheapo RM 12 mic and Window’s Sound Recorder to do the recording, convert it to either mp3 or wma using dBPowerAmp. dBPowerAmp happens to be my most favorite audio conversion tool and simple to use too, plus it used to be free and supported numerous codecs. And I remember using tissue paper to enclose the mic, effectively muffling it. Can’t help it, I was paranoid about being traced by the FBI/CIA through voice recognition, not that I did anything wrong to begin with.


Since it was the year 2000, Blogspot, Blogdrive, or WordPress haven’t existed because blogging wasn’t mainstream yet. So most of us used Yahoo’s Geocities as our free web host(other popular ones would be Tripod). I still remember my IT teacher reminding us that the homepage should always be named index.html so the web host would be able to discern which is the main page(the page you see when you type the address) and which ones are links/sub-pages. You might say “but Unig, that’s not blogging, that’s called building a website LOL”. Fine, to quote wikipedia again:

Early weblogs were simply manually updated components of common websites.

Which is exactly what we did back then. Once we wrote a new post or article (using Frontpage of course) we would upload the entire html file together with older posts to our host account. If the file size becomes too large due to enormous amount of entries, we simply split the file and provide a link back to the main page.

We don’t leave comments back in those days, instead we sign a guestbook. A guestbook acts almost like a collective comment box where all the comments are left at only one spot and not on every post. To obtain the guestbook we have to register at another site that would provide the guestbook link for us and we simply link back. The same site that provided us with guestbooks also allowed us to create polls, way before they become ubiquitous among current blogs.

How about video? Well youtube didn’t exist yet at that time so if we wanted to put video into our site we would have to upload the video file(usually mpeg) directly into Geocities. Frontpage would allow us to create a video interface sorta like the classic Media Player. Same goes to audio files.

The web page/site was quite frequently updated cause I was really in to web design back then. My teacher would drop by once in a while and sign my guestbook which fueled my interest even further. Then SPM ended and I started Form 6, the web page was pretty much forgotten up to a point whe I didn’t login after 3 months and Geocities deleted all my web page files. So there goes my first blog, if you could call it a blog.

This also prompts the question; which one’s better? Web page or blogging platform? I’d have to say I’m pretty partial towards the blogging tool provided by platforms such as WordPress. Everything’s easier, I don’t need to upload the entire html file every time I update my blog and the comment box would automatically be created for each post. Very convenient. Remember I’m no more a curios 16 year old with loads of energy to experiment with everything.

Nonetheless, there are some aspects of webpage building that I missed – specifically the flash plugin integration and the ability to customize the the site. Most blogs design are currently limited to theme plugins they can find and install. For web page, you can have the design in any way you want with as much column you fancy. We even run some scripts(Java script and ActiveX) behind that could wreck havoc upon the viewer without him even knowing. One of my favorite would be a pop-up window that literally forces the viewer to take part in a survey and would keep popping p about a hundred times. The poor fella would have no choice; either close the browser or click a hundred times.

I don’t know why but seeing the current crop of blog designs kinda made me think “Gosh, most of them looked shittier than my web page 7 years ago.”Admittedly, this current site of mine is also pretty shitty looking, not because I wanted it to look shitty but I’m kinda limited by WordPress’ themes.

So, that pretty much sums up the chronicles of my on-line journal. Although I’m starting new, I’ve certainly been kicking asses far longer than most people I knew of.

UniG – Kicking asses since the year 2000™ 😉



  1. Albums of the 1970s » Blog Archive » You call me a n00b? said,

    […] You call me a n00b?By unigSpeaking of podcast, I did my first ever audio file recording and distribution on the world wide web(yah, that’s what we call the cyberspace back then) 7 years ago. We don’t even call it podcasting back then. …UniG – The blog your mama warned… – […]

  2. Angel said,

    hey.. how did you check your results? Thru the portal website (which is efficiently and conveniently down now?)

  3. unig said,

    I like your sarcasm hehe. Oh about the results, I checked through my faculty’s own portal which is different than the Anjung one. Does your faculty has its own site? Try logging in there.

  4. Angel said,

    Lol.. trained to be sarcastic but not many people actually understand sarcasm. Not sure if my fac has its own site. Either that or i’ve been living in shell all these while =)

  5. unig said,

    I did some research and this is your fac’s site. There’s a login form on the left. You can try it but no guarantees though. You know how efficient our uni is…

  6. Angel said,

    lol.. this website i know about. But i’m not sure who it’s meant for since i doubt if we have an account there.. tried the typical username and password but doesn’t work..

  7. a_giu™ said,

    Angel: I think you did not apply for a password and username. It uses different username and password at engineering faculty’s website for email and portal.

  8. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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