22 weeks later…

5 December, 2007 at 9:40 am (Misc pics, Mumblings) (, , , , , , )

These past couple of weeks has seen me spending a hell lot of time busting my ass at the workshop. I’m in the midst of constructing my super high tech prototype which, if it works properly, will reduce world hunger.

Failing that, at least it’ll help me to pass my Final Year Project 2. And score some chicks in the process, hopefully.

That thing on top isn’t plywood, it’s perspex/acrylic/plexiglass or whatever the shitty name they can come up with, though in essence, it’s only plastic.

I’ve spent a week cutting that 6′ x 4′ x 6mm piece of shit into several smaller pieces. I’ve beg my faculty countless times to get a laser cutter but being the thoughtful people that they are they gave me a jigsaw instead.

So, it’s only me, my muscles and the jigsaw that turned that Mr. Perspex into these:

You’re looking at RM400 worth of perspex cut into several smaller pieces. Cutting that piece of crap makes me feel like I’m in a B-grade movie, like the Saw.

I wanna play a game with you. WTF.


Dudes, I can’t believe I’ve spent 22 weeks here in Sarawak already. While most of you pansies have already gone back to your hometown right after exam ended, like a month ago, I’ve made a commitment to my FYP and stayed back.

But then again, like every true marauder I still need to go back home, replenish my supplies and satisfy my harems.

The view from my bed in my home. Not hostel.

So, please excuse the author of this cool page as he go on a spiritual and physical enlightenment. I shall update this site if time permits.

I am so looking forward to seeing stewardesses in tight red uniforms who would occasionally press against me much to my enjoyment my flight.




  1. slowcatchupkuan said,

    i’ll ignore the last sentence LOL

  2. a_giu™ said,

    I AM BACK!!!

  3. onethefool said,

    no scroll saw ah?

  4. Father Daughter Dance Songs said,

    Sweet comment.
    I think you will read my site..
    Thank You

  5. unig said,

    slowcatchupkuan: Nothing exciting happened during the flight. Don’t worry hehe.

    a_giu™: Me too!

    onethefool : Nope, my fac’s too cheapskate. We have a lot of CNC machines though. Wish I knew how to use them.

    Father Daughter Dance Songs : Er… thank you?

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