We are turning into a nation of morons. And other wtf news.

18 December, 2007 at 2:06 pm (Mumblings) (, , , , , )

I was reading The Sun(which rocked because it’s free) yesterday when I came across this interesting piece of article:

I don’t know which is more dangerous – a bunch of dumbasses sniffing glue and getting brain damage in the long run, or the same bunch of dumbasses sniffing chicken shit and get infected with bird flue AND spread them across the country causing widespread epidemic?

If this news is true, what I suggest we should do is dump all these moronic students into a large tank filled with chicken shit and stir the whole mass with a gigantic blender arm. This concoction should then be left to fester for a month and in the end we’ll end up with human-grade fertilizer.

What preventive measure they’re gonna take anyway? Close down all chicken farms? But whatever it is, this whole thing is pretty shitty. Yea, pun intended.


More wtf news:

When I was a kid, my father always told me the difference between normal monks and shaolin monks during kung fu shows. According to him, normal monks are peaceful religious people who practice Buddhist principles of not submitting to violence no matter what happens. Even if they were beaten up, they can do nothing but just sit still. I know it’s pretty harsh but that’s the moral code they need to adhere to once they entered monk hood.

Shaolin monks on the other hand are basically people who learn martial arts AND practices monk way of life like becoming vegetarian, and pray and stuffs like that BUT they will use force if the situation calls for it. So, they’re not really true Buddhist monk in that sense, but merely kung fu people who practices Buddhism (to a certain level).

And then I saw this on today’s The Sun:

That is one hell of a perfectly-executed flying kick courtesy of a Cambodian Buddhist monk. I sure wouldn’t wanna be at the receiving end of that cheap shot. Telur goreng mata kerbau dua!

Even more wtf news,

Look at this headline:

Looks pretty normal eh? But another glance will prompt you to think why pardon the victim? What I mean is, since when the victim became the one punished in a crime hence requiring a pardon? The victim is the receiving end of a crime and now she’s thrown together with the same people who gang-raped her.

More snippets:

She appealed the sentence but that is what she got instead. I don’t consider myself as the protector of womenfolk or to a lesser extent; mankind but those shit the victim was handed with is pretty mucked up I think.

Hmm the judiciary system there certainly makes ours looked God-send doesn’t it?


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  1. star said,

    Unig who else would have read this article and comment on this or give their opinion without worrying about being judged.

    I agree with you Unig. It is so wrong, all wrong. It’s a Man’s World.

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