Think you have the worst job? Well you haven’t seen this.

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I was rotting on the couch last Sunday evening when something caught my eyes outside the window. It was far away, luckily with my ‘Heroes’ ability I managed to zoom in my vision and get a clear view of it though it’s like 5 km away. Immediately, I took out my FE, plug in the 400mm telephoto lens and started shooting.

When I say 5km I meant 500m, and when I say 400mm telephoto lens hat I really meant was the 2.8X built-in zoom on the FE. Not even 3X. Shit.

I did nonetheless try to attach a binocular to the FE but the pic didn’t turn out right. Problem with focusing I believe.

Though it does made the pic looked like it was taken from a sub’s periscope

I thought to myself, man that must be one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the world. While you and me spend our Sundays either lazing around or going out with friends and have a jolly good time, these guys up there risk their limbs and lives working at 150ft. All for the sake of ensuring you have electricity to use your computer, TV, air-cons, washing machine, that you’d be comfortable shopping in an air-conditioned complex and the clubs won’t be dark when you go for drinks.

I’ve had it with people whining and bitching about how much their job sucked, colleagues suck, lift not working, air-con not functioning, boss didn’t give you car company, hate being a ______ (insert blank space with engineer or accountant or stripper etc). Almost like the whole world owe them something and they should be given the best job i.e.: a CEO who signs checks and bangs the secretary everyday. Wake up ass-sniffers, this is the real world. Somebody’s gonna be the CEO and drive expensive cars but too bad it isn’t you.

Anyway my point is, if you think your job gives you hemorrhoids, then you have no idea how tough it is for these fellas. Let’s break it down into easy-to-read sub-points highlighting the little luxury’s you assholes have taken for granted:

1) Lift/stairs to your workplace:

Some people bitch about one of the lifts at their office was down and have to cramp using the remaining one. Some bitched about having to use the stairs ONCE IN A WHILE because the lift doesn’t work. BIG DEAL! Try climbing your way up 150 ft just to get to work. EVERYDAY. For these guys, getting to work doesn’t involve pressing some buttons that’ll then transport them to the 15th storey, but more like holding on to dear life hugging the scorching hot metal close to the bodies as they make their ascend, simultaneously hoping that the wind wouldn’t be strong enough to throw them off balance.

They even have to take a stair up there!

2) Toilet break:

I can’t recall how many blogs I read that kept on complaining about how the flush doesn’t work, toilet doesn’t smell good enough, how dirty the toilet is as if their shit is any cleaner. For those wiremen, toilet break doesn’t exist because if they need to relieve themselves, they’ll have climb all the way down and then climb back up. Risking limbs and lives in the
process (see reason no.1). Even if they do come down they’ll have to do their business in the BUSH because there’s no toilet nearby. Imagine halfway shitting, a cobra sneaks from behind and decides to sink its fangs on one of their nuts. And you thought slippery floor was dangerous enough?

3) Air-conditioning

“Oh, air-con not working today. Very hot, cannot work bla bla bla.” Geez shut the hell up will you? I took these pics around 1pm when the sun was the highest, beating the hell out those workers. If that’s not bad enough, they are working on an all metal structure which can get kinda hot after awhile. But this takes the cake:

They had scorching hot metal wire between their balls. If that’s not a recipe for impotence I don’t know what is.

4) Occupational hazard

Man, I can’t even begin to describe how dangerous what they’re doing. Even I felt the chills when I see them climbing up and down, walking on wires and lifting equipment with their hands. Sure they might have harness, but really nothing is 100% and there’s always a risk of malfunctioning equipment. From what I can see, the wind up there is pretty strong and all it takes is one gush of wind to knock them off balance.

Oh yeah there’s also the risk of getting struck by lightning since they are working on a metal structure. And since all the towers are connected, it takes only one lightning strike 50km away or one dumbass plant operator to accidentally turn on the switch and you’ll have hundreds of thousands of volts running through them. You can print this pic and put at your cubicle just to remind yourself that your job isn’t that bad after all.

Ok, ok this post is getting too angsty and I don’t wanna sound preachy. So here’s something that (hopefully) will put a smile to your face. I imagined this would be what they’re saying:



  1. decypher said,

    omg. freaky.

  2. Mischique said,

    Hmm…that’s a good point you have there. We tend to take things for granted and forget the little luxuries in life we enjoy. Great post 🙂

  3. csfoong said,

    I stumbled upon this site from slowcatchupkuan’s and I gotta admit you have one heck of a site. Totally agreed with what you said. I too am very pissed off at all the rant blogs complaining about everything. Hate those adverts blogs too. Your blog is the hope for Malaysian blogging scene. Keep up the good work!

  4. unig said,

    Mischique: Thanks. I did this post to remind myself not to take things for granted too.

    csfoong: I’m glad you enjoyed this. But seriously, I’m not really that good. Maybe a little 😉

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