Unexpected encounter.

31 December, 2007 at 9:25 am (Filler) (, , , , , )

You know they say sometimes you might find good stuffs at the most unexpected places. Well, I was at Petaling Street 2 weeks ago (the real one not the .org ping site) where I parked the car at possibly one of the least secure place yet.

Since the car is as old as me, I figured what the hell? Anyone interested in a Corolla?

When I return to get the car I was quite surprised to see this one parked near mine:









Not that I’m discriminating against fast, sexy, ridiculously expensive Italian car, but like I said this is one of the most dangerous place to park ones car. I wouldn’t even park a 20 year old Proton Saga(or a Persona, cause they’re pretty much the same) there let alone a Prancing Horse?

By the way, it was parked in front of a motel. Incidentally, this place that I have the (mis)fortune to park at looked very much like a red light district come night time.

Some rich people have pretty weird taste. Maybe they’re bored with super models, actresses and singers. Maybe they wanna sample some of the Petaling Street ‘delicacies’.

I’m jumping to conclusion. As usual.

Happy new year by the way. May there be less SNAFUs in your life come 2008.


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