This is what I think of blog ads(shitty).

2 January, 2008 at 11:18 am (Funny pics) (, , , , )


Quick hitters:

The old geezer admitted to having sex. So? Big deal! People’s been humping other people, animals, hands, inanimate objects since the existence of mankind. The only difference is his tryst was recorded. I’m just sick of people harping on this issue as if their father’s the one who did it.

As far as I’m concerned, if he did it outside office hours and doesn’t affect his duty to the people, the only ones he need to answer to is his family and himself, NOT YOU. Who knows, maybe his wife consented to it?! There’s a lot more people out there who had extra-marital sex, men and women alike, so why don’t you be the moral police and preach to them YOU LOSERS! Get a life.

Look, I’m not saying what he did was right. But if you wanna pick on him, do it because of his (in)ability to fulfill his duty to the people, not because of his extra-curricular activities. Ok, I admit I’m kinda pissed with him too. At least he could have inserted some ‘Have Safe Sex’ slogan at the end of the video or distribute free condoms during the conference. As a doctor and working for the health department, that’s his job right?



I love blog ads, seriously I do. This is how much I love them:









Being the fair person that I am, I’ve included every single blog ad company that I knew, might have missed some niche ones cause the pic’s kinda old, y’know like GrabMyAssAds and Nufflets.

Wow, Nufflets eh? What a creative way to name a company: combine two already shitty company’s name and you’ll get = WOAH, an even shittier company! (A name like that just begs to have its ass saved by Khazanah Nasional or whatever else government-investment-body when it goes bust. Oh yes it will.)

Ads are annoying, kinda like the feel of having tiny bits of leftover fecal matter that you just can’t seem to wipe off your blog’s ass, no matter how hard you try. They distract me from reading the contents and waste my bandwidth.

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t hate blogs that put up ads. But I do have an issue with sites that are set up solely for the purpose of making money from ads. They’re easy to spot: very few contents – mostly copy-and-paste stuffs, but lots of ugly ads plastered all over their sites. Some even had ads after a few sentences or paragraphs. Reading those blogs is like having a colonoscopy with a burning hot iron bar.

I gotta admit though, when I started blogging back in August my intention was to fill this site with copious amounts of fugly lovely ads. I wanted to milk every single cent from those companies by luring impressionable people into this shitty site on the premise of offering hot unadulterated content. And I did sign up with one company. No prize for guessing which.

Alas, I fail on both account; putting up ads in my page and churning out hot unadulterated contents. The reason was wordpress doesn’t allow me to edit the CSS and ads doesn’t seem to work well with my widgets.

However, I did not fail to attract lots of anonymous wankers here cause I’m pretty good in coming up with boner-inducing titles for uber lame contents. Remember, the title always grabs people’s dick attention.

I did read a couple of blogs regarding their experiences with these ad companies and I’m surprised at how much love the company had shown them. It seems that the payments were as consistent as an 80 year olds erection. The company’s CEO even personally left a comment at one blog showing some true love.

And then there’s this talk by a blogger about how we should be grateful to this company that had sort of revolutionized the blogosphere(HA HA!)

I heeded her advice and hence, that picture is up.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise not being able to put ads in my site. Without those irritating ads slowing down my page, I can continue churning out shitty contents and ripping off other sites. But I don’t care, not like I’m earning anything anyway.



p/s: Picture inspired by Maddox who did an article about Sony.



  1. a_giu™ said,

    I hate ASS…
    I mean ADS!!!

  2. angeline said,

    tiu lei la. that old fucker should be ‘drown pig cage’ (zham chu long) long long time edi la. U typical guy who oni know how to think with your dick. Im sure u oso go fuck around one. cibai

  3. jim said,

    Hey what did you use to make that cool picture?

    Yeah, I hate those fucking annoying ads and banners too. Blogs are getting too commercialised nowadays.

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  6. Leona said,

    Wish I can hate ads but they do pay at least for my hosting and more… no complains 😛

  7. a_giu™ said,

    you can use adobe photoshop to make that animated pic…

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