I jinxed Advertlets.

5 January, 2008 at 8:59 pm (Funny pics, Misc pics, Mumblings) (, , , , , )


Just 3 days ago I posted this picture up together with an accompanying post:

Now, I hear Advertlets or should I say Advertlest has just one tiny itsy bitsy minor problem (the site doesn’t exist anymore).

I never knew the power of shitting on a brand could be that immense. Man, if I have anymore companies that piss me off in the future, I now know what to do.



  1. malaysia said,

    haha…this is hilarious

  2. Russel said,

    dude, ur a genius! a god! I can’t think of anymore superlatives to describe you. ur a ray of hope for readers fed up with ads. bravo.

  3. hehe said,

    haha this advertlets just a company trying to cheat us

  4. napaboaniya said,

    Advertlest!! ahahahahaaa….
    thier tiny itsy bitsy minor problem really pissed the anal outta me yesterday!!

  5. psychodelic said,

    ok i was disgusted by this at first but yea your site is clean and uncluttered actually.

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