Trip to Malaysia’s famous-est National Park: Bako

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Part 1

Damn, this has got to be the most late (latest?) entry one can put up. I mean the trip was on May 2006 for god’s sake and only now in 2008 I’m writing about it?!

Never mind. Better late than never.

FYI, Bako National Park, Sarawak isn’t a huge sanctuary compared to say Pahang’s Taman Negara, Endau-Rompin or even Mulu National Park. Nonetheless it is very very famous. Mainly because of the abundance of wildlife confined in a small but protected area. Most importantly, those wildlife are easy to be spotted. Equally important is accessibility, Bako is less than an hour’s drive away from Kuching.

All 17 of us chartered a bus and began our journey from Kota Samarahan to Kampung Bako’s jetty at the wee hours of the morning. Reached there, wasted no time and straight away bought speedboat tickets to get to the National Park.

The speedboat ride was ok, kinda scary though if the waves are choppy or big. Took us about half an hour to finally get there.

What greeted us when we first arrived:


The bearded pig which were native to Bako! They were surprisingly not as ferocious as their cousins, the wildboar. Bear in mind, this pic wasn’t taken using a dSLR with telephoto zoom lens, but just a measly Canon A400. Can you imagine how close we were to that animal?


We were about 20 feet away from the boar but it ignored us and happily did whatever it was doing.

In case you’re wondering why it is called bearded pig, let me refresh your mind with pics of normal pigs. Strictly for comparison purposes only:



Pictures were featured here.

The bearded pig is named so because it has hairs growing out of its chin (and upper lips). Like a beard la. DUH!

Because we’re all so tough, we’ve decided to slug it out in tents, braving the weather and mosquito bites. 4 days some more!


Actually there are chalets and hostels for renting at Bako. It’s just that us being a bunch of procrastinators, we didn’t manage to book any room on time hehe.


The big-ass scorpion at the camp site. No shit, it was about a foot long.

A word of advice though, for those interested in spending a few days at Bako, be sure to bring your own food, insect repellent cause Bako is mosquito heaven, and most importantly lots and lots of water. Those pissy 1 litter bottles won’t be enough; I recommend at least a 5 litter jumbo one. Reason is the water at Bako looked like this:


Even tap water looked like and tasted like shit. Something to do with high iron (or copper?) content in Bako’s soil. So, unless you bring with you a Diamond brand water filter, you’re better off bringing your own drinking water. Tap water is strictly for cleaning and bathing use only.


This is the toilet next to the camp site. Don’t let the camera’s flash fool you though, it’s actually freaking dark. During night time, when you’re ‘doing your business'(big or small, or probably medium) you’ll hear noises that resemble either one of these:

i) animals making love

ii) your friends making love at the next cubicle

iii) ghosts making love

iv) all 3 above 😉

Let’s move on to the wildlife. There are hell lots of monkeys and macaquqes:


Time for all of you to go awww………. (even though deep down inside you hate monkeys cause these kept threatening to bite a piece off your ass)


This bugger son of a bitch monkey pounced on top of the table in front of some ang moh tourist and made of with their biscuit. The monkey’s tail and body (partial) are visible thanks to quick reflex from a friend of mine (and his Sony Ericsson W800i) who was nearby.



Hmm, this pic is kinda poignant. Let’s see what I can do with it:

There you go. Better.

I would also like to brag about the fact that I SAW a proboscis monkey. Too bad didn’t manage to take a pic though. I didn’t have my FE yet at that time. They are pretty shy and elusive creatures. Here’s a picture obtained from the web, to give you an idea how they looked like:



Again, bearded pigs were seen near our camps:


You can’t miss them once you arrived at Bako cause they’re everyfreakingwhere!

We went island hopping the next day! Along the journey (by speedboat) we saw some pretty amazing rock formation that sort of erected straight out from the bottom of the ocean:



No need go Pattaya already. Unless of course you go there for some other entertainment.

Haha. Naughty, naughty.



Amazing. Malaysia woi!

The small island we went to was also very beautiful, very secluded, and almost untouched. Even more secluded than those so-called secluded island at Phuket.

Jungle tracking trails on the island.

Pitcher plant. There’s some slimy digestive liquid inside them. The level of disgustingness would rank somewhere between puke (after one too many whiskies) and diarrhea after a heavy meal of stale curry.


Kick-ass photo taken not with a dSLR nor a digicam but a handphone! SE W800i to be precise. Look at the ring around the mouth of the plant. The auto focus (for a phone) is not bad at all.

Then we went back to our camp for some rest before going off to do another favorite activity – NUDE SWIMMING.

Haha, ok just kidding about the nude part.





The whole stretch just for us.




Oh, an interesting trivia here: The final leg of the first Amazing Race Asia (TARA) was actually held here! At Bako National Park! The same place where Jojo and Zabrina stepped onto the mat when the were announced winners of TARA 1. Here’s a view of the same route they tracked through:


Looking back at this picture almost gave me a huge boner because we were there a month before TARA came!


We went swimming again the next day but the weather wasn’t that good. It rained a bit. Then sunny for a while, then rain again! At one point half of the beach was getting rain and another half was sunny. How weird is that. Here, let me show you:





Moments later, it became cloudier.


Then it rained and we scrambled for safety.


But it was clear on the other side. So we went there!

Nonetheless some people were stupid enough to stick around. I warned them in the most mature and polite way possible:




Looked kinda nice.

Then the rain cleared, the sun came out shinning through the clouds. The view was amazing because it looked like the heavens opened its gates projecting rays of hope. 2 different cameras took pictures of that view:


Thank you, Ben-Q (hey it rhymes!)



From a Sony Ericsson K750i. Look carefully and you’ll see the ray of hope mystically covered part of a mountain behind. Also, notice there was people frolicking at the sea and they looked like they were bathed with this amazing light.

Looking at that view reminds me of angels and I was curious whether they really exist or not. If they do, this is probably what they are saying to us on the ground:




Did I mention the abundance of wildlife at Bako? Especially monkeys? Oh yeah I did. Imagine living with a horde of them for 4 freaking days! I don’t care what people say about how monkeys are supposed to be one of our closest relatives, they are just a mega pain in the ass.

They would harass us, barring teeth and all, flash at us (the following pictures will show you), stole our foods when we’re not around, pinched our girl’s asses and even stole our clothes. No wonder some complained about missing bras and panties.

Expensive stuffs leh, hamik Victoria Secrect hamik I donch know oso lar…

Then I realized the reason why those damn monkeys like to converge around our camp site, it was because someone wore this shirt:



Ok, lesson learned. If you don’t want monkeys molesting you, don’t wear a shirt that says ‘come rape me‘ in ape language.

By the way, I managed to decipher some of the monkey’s conversation (I speak simian) when they came to our camp site and stalk us. Please enjoy:


Anyone wanna go to Bako again? Hehe



  1. a_giu™ said,

    The wild boar must be very old…
    can even see its beard…

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  4. naychelava said,

    Hey some awesome and fantastic pix. How come I missed these ones? Awesome pix of the clouds and also the rock formation. Make me wanna be there. Have fun and take care.

  5. linda said,

    Dude, your blog is effin hilarious. I laughed like hell reading them. You are a true blogmaster. Post more. Your posts are really funny.

  6. abraham dudley said,

    Nice blog.

    First class photography (but third class English)


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