The real ‘WILDLIFE’ of Bako a.k.a. Sarawak’s leng luis.

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What, you think that’s the end of the Bako trip entry? Hell no! Here’s part 2. Part 1 is here, perverts.

During the trip to Bako, I saw a lot of wildlife. Fascinating animals like the bearded boar:


Chao ah beng monkeys who looked like they were high on mephs:



Big-ass scorpions:


Creepy crawlers:


More bearded pigs:

Eh, sorry! Wrong picture.

Snake also got:


I thought those were all the animals I get to see during the trip, but mana tahu, chun chun on the 2nd night a new breed of wildlife appeared near our camp. I would like to call them the REAL WILDLIFE OF BAKO.

A bit of info first: These wildlife were originally city dwellers until they were forced to relocate their habitat to the jungle because the religious affairs department keep hunting them down.

Alright, picture time. First breed:


Scientific name: Homotransvestiteballesssdraggyqueenosous


Darn, does she look lady-like or what holding her skirt up like that? Most real girls don’t even do that!



Ok, there’s two species here which I can’t pinpoint their genus. Have fun guessing.

Alright, enough with the crap talk. What you’re looking here is a pageant that was held at Bako National Park. What kind of pageant? Pondan pageant la!

But of all places, why do a pageant at a National Park? You see, Bako National Park can ONLY be reached via speedboats; no land transport whatsoever connects Bako to the outside world. Speedboat service ends before night time, so all those overzealous religious officers can’t do shit to disrupt these trannies. Unless they bring their own boats la…

These males/females (damn this is confusing, I’ll just call the she-males) claim to represent countries like USA, Japan, India, Malaysia etc even though they are obviously locals. Like any other pageant, there’s gonna be a winner:


And like any other pageants, the losers would pretend to look happy for the winner although deep inside they are sibeh tulan.

Some of the contestants got pretty carried away with their choices of head gear, grabbed from the nearby jungle no doubt:


Don’t they know that taking floras from a National Park is tantamount to destroying wildlife and hence is an offence? Jeez, if the religious affairs people OR the park rangers don’t get them, I prayed that the bearded boar will take a chunk out of their dirty asses.

Not to mention the noise and garbage as a result has polluted the place (as if their presence doesn’t).

Another mug shot of the winner after he/she was crowned Miss(ter) Transvestite/Pondan World 2006. Bravo!







Can’t blame her though, if you win a pageant and was only given a lousy hamper, you shiok or not?


If you think that was bad enough, halfway through the event, all the contestants did some kind of performance ala pageantry (duh!).I couldn’t be bothered with what other ah kuas did but there was this one contestant who went up REALLY CLOSE to me and proceeded to disrobe her towel-masquerading-as-skirt right in FRONT OF ME! Niamafulat!(literally)


Sarawak‘s leng luis. I heard a loud thud on the floor after he/she did that, probably someone’s testicles dropped.

A friend even asked “eh got see any scars arh when she opened the skirt?” 😉

I know why he/she did that whole disrobing thing. You see, he had already cut off his penis, so by taking off that skirt of hers, she’s trying to show how flat her pubic region is. Did you all notice I used ‘he’ to address the fella then change to ‘she’ after knowing the fella had eunuch-ed himself? Genius.

But one thing I do notice vividly was the towel. Not that I was perverted or what la, but there’s something written on it:


She used the park chalet’s towel! Probably all of them did so too! I am so glad I stayed in a CAMP!



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  2. psychodelic said,

    why are you even here? But I give you this, at least you stayed and watched or maybe youre just curious? LOL. Man I’ve seen some goodlooking shemales but these are so frken ugly dude.

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