The REAL leng luis of Sarawak (takde tipu punya)

18 January, 2008 at 11:03 am (Misc pics) (, , , , , , , )


Update #1: The unassuming title has triggered a massive amount of traffic after pinging. Says a lot about you people. Hamsap.


Update #2: Heard rumors from Sarawak’s Tourism Board and Immigration Department confirming there was an influx of horny Peninsular Malaysia males to the state after this article was put up. AirAsia was also rumored to be taking advantage of this situation by increasing the number of flights to Kuching.  Way to go, Tony!


After posting this article last Monday, I received quite a lot of flak from friends(especially Sarawakians) who claim that what I wrote and the pictures shown were totally not fair and unjust to Sarawak’s population of pretty girls.

Some even threatened to kick my ass all the way back to Peninsular Malaysia if I don’t do a follow up post to rectify this so called ridiculousness that I created. They even claimed that my post had hurt Sarawak’s tourism industry so much so that people had developed a phobia towards this state thinking that the female population has decreased to such a low level that trannies have effectively taken over the state.

Then there was this not-so-silent threat to force-feed me RAW sago worms (my favorite actually) if I don’t TELL THE WHOLE WORLD HOW PRETTY SARAWAKIAN GIRLS ARE.

Should ask a_giu about this. He’s the one with the Sarawakian girlfriend. 😉

Alright, without further a due, I’ve been forced taken the liberty to showcase the ‘finer’ side of the Land of Hornbills. I’ve searched high and low(from my hard disk) to present you – Sarawak’s leng luis:





Typical Sarawakian office workers. This picture might mislead you to believe that these women were on sale when in fact they were. I mean they were selling their skills as accountants, secretary, office work etc etc la! What are you thinking?

Taken with a camera phone inside a car hence I only managed a back shot. Hmmm… I do have to admit I have a thing for women in black panty hoses. This pic is old, taken in 2005 which explains the chemically straightened hair. I believe the current trend now is curly ala maggi mee kolok mee (*Update).



Taken on top of Pohon Mas in my uni with a camera phone, again. This picture doesn’t do her justice cause she’s not bad looking at all. Please ignore the buffoon on the right.



Haha, another back(side) shot. My friend took this btw, at Tun Jugah. He said he took this pic cause the girl on the left was wearing a white skirt so shear and transparent, not only can he make out the color of her panties, he can also discern the shape! Who said Kuching girls are boring?

Some shots from the Rainforest Musical thing:


That’s a sape they were playing.



Some traditional dance. I have a lot more pics in my possession, but I’m not going to post up pics of Sarawak girls in bikinis, lingerie etc etc. Not the right thing to do.

Often times, when I go back to Peninsular, my friends would always ask me how a native Sarawakian girl looks like. They wanna know how pretty is an Iban girl, or Bidayuh, Melanau, Kayan, Penan etc. So, to shut their mouth, here you go:





Ok ka?



  1. a_giu™ said,

    i totally agree with the fact that there are many leng lui in sarawak..
    this explains why my gf is a sarawakian..

    west malaysian..
    can consider coming 2 sarawak 4 a match making…

    ur the best blogger in malaysia,,,
    o at least the best in samarahan…

  2. Noob123 said,

    Sarawak Native Girls can rival Chinese lengluis, nuff said.

  3. jim said,

    yup… definitely some pretty girls there. mind sharing more?

  4. Arth Akal said,

    Thanks for showing pictures of my native Kelabit kin and for appreciating the beauty of our women.
    Some of these girls here happen to be related to me one way or another. I was there at the festival when they were conducting the workshop at the longhouse.

  5. unig said,

    a_giu™: Tenkiu tenkiu.

    Noob123: Agreed.

    jim: Maybe next time?

    Arth Akal: No problem. Always doing my part to promote Sarawak.

  6. Leona said,

    why the photos all so blur wor

  7. a_giu™ said,

    of course they are blur…
    take using camera phone mar…

  8. misSing said,

    I’ve said to Unig too, how so pretty these dancing girls are. So very pretty. Unig you have a good time ok?

  9. nyumboh_tunggal said,

    we should keep these ‘roses’ safe at all time and let it sustainable.. i’m at one of the most heavenly places where u can find beautiful leng lui, scattered around. i’m stuck

  10. misSing said,

    ahhhh heavenly places…….

  11. nyumboh_tunggal said,

    i think they blurred the pics juz to filtered the actual beauty of that leng lui.. better u discover it by urself.. Arth, i used to click with a Kelabit girl and i found she was absolutely gorgeous….yes.. absolutely an angel..

  12. paddle pop said,

    natural beauty in sarawak.. only got in sarawak.. leng lui. visit sarawak 2008..

  13. Johnny said,

    Nama Berita Kitak Sarawak wai………

  14. alex said,

    very very pretty girls, women here in the Philippines are no match for these beauties.
    long ago, these lasses could have caused a lot of luckless men to lose their heads..

  15. Infernal Carnage said,

    lol dat buffoon is teoh… who ru ah?

  16. dillina said,


  17. john said,

    hehehe hamsap.. well go to
    there only u can find sarawak lengluii

  18. asimo said,

    im looking for sarawakian girl,no matter what religion and race she sarawakian but still not find the right one…which means atleast meet around 30-40% requirement.Im living in west malaysia right now,and plan to get married 30+. I dont know what type of girl in West malaysia especially in KL but most of the peoples around here is outsider came from sabah,sarawak and neighbor country side .west malaysia is popular as a westerner characteristic,to “cuci-cuci mata” yes it is the best place to visit.Many peoples in West Malaysia misunderstood about sarawak peoples.They said “They(iban) still hunt peoples head? i just kept silence..frankly speaking, we’re now living on 21th century there is no more such thing.Artificial intelligence age..So dont worry about them(iban).but it doesnt mean you can playing with them.Dont play with fire and that is rule number 1,not only iban,any race or any religion in the world except United State,…

  19. Anne said,

    I’m a chinese from Sarawak leh..++” doesn’t make ma a Sarawakian oso ka?

  20. Anne said,


  21. catboy89 said,

    sarawak girl are the best!!!!!

  22. Headhunter said,

    Though we lack in progress(which is rightfully ours) , though we are under appreciated, we compensate with loyalty, beauty and strength beyond others. Defend our freedom. Liberate Sarawak. Is it better now to be the hounds of the West or die standing on our feet?

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