Buy Acer’s products last.

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Now I know what ‘ACER’ really means:


Credits to commenter superweightkoalabear for the inspiration.


Anyone of you remember that stupid jingle Acer used to play in radios and tv ads? You know, the one sung by a bunch of gay guys with equally queer voices and the lines went like this:

Acer is the best

High among the rest

Well, here’s a news flash for you Acer condescending son of bitches: you ain’t ever the best. Not 10 years ago and definitely not now or the foreseeable future. In fact, your product sucks so much you might as well stop making computers and start making vacuum machines. Or liposuction apparatus. Whatever.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a new jingle that I think bodes well with your current image and product line:

Acer sucks the most

Low among the shits

So what if it doesn’t rhyme assholes?

The reason I sound bitter about this Ace-wannabe company (hence the name Acer, getit?) because like any other Taiwanese brands (BenQ, TrendMicro, Jacky Wu, F4 etc) it has passable/meager design but absolutely terrible quality. Which made me wonder, were Acer’s assembly lines too busy giving each other ass-rimming instead of making good solid tangible products?

Like most other students hard up on cash and living on government loans, I (like millions others) were suckered in to buy an Acer branded laptop. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of my worst purchases ever.

Fast forward 2 years later, my laptop screen which wasn’t anything to cream about in the first place, started showing lines on the right side. FREAKING LINES! Those familiar with Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display would know that 99% of the time something like that occurs, it pretty much spells Nirvana Memorial Park for my display. And yeah, I purposely spell it full because it sounds cooler that way, even if it still sucks plenty of asses.

What’s worse is NEW lines keep appearing every week! Every time a new line appears, I felt like I was given triple wedgies on my candy ass. So much so I started developing a phobia to turn on my laptop for fear of new lines appearing and WHAM! hit my right at the crotch. I call it lapphobia.

Not to be confused with laponphobia which is the phobia of lap dancers.

Here’s a picture of my screen:

DON’T ask me why I took a picture instead of Print Screen cause that would make you look like a moron. Or someone who works in Acer.

Here’s an up skirt shot (close up la tiu):


If lines on the right side aren’t bad enough, the screen starts misfiring its pixels on the left side!


Not so clear on your screen right? Trust me, it’s crystal clear on mine (the misfiring I mean).

Now, now before you wankers start climbing on board the dumbass mobile and dismiss my case as a one in a million snafu, I’ve taken the liberty to conduct a survey of Acer laptop users among my colleagues in my university. I’ve compiled the results in an easy to read format and I’ve also thrown in a good dose of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in case some of you nerds question the validity of my survey.


Out of 8 people that I know who use Acer’s pathetic excuse of a laptop, 6 have had problems. That’s 6 out of 8 or a staggering 75% failure rate. And don’t you think just because you had an extended warranty you’re safe. Do you want a laptop that breaks down every few months? Think about the wasted time, money, energy spent going up and forth the service centre. One way or another, Acer is still gonna have your ass for dinner.

If you’re wondering how I solved my LCD screen predicament. Here’s how:


From a laptop, I am now a proud owner of…


A laptop-desktop hybrid. Great, I paid RM4000 to have the convenience of being tied to my table. Great going Acer.

If you ever wondered how it would feel like being a convict who gets gang-raped by his cellmates, you don’t need to go to prison to experience it. Just get yourself an Acer laptop! The feeling’s exactly the same.


More Acer hate sites: Acer Sucks1

Acer Sucks2

Acer Sucks3

Acer Sucks4

Acer Sucks on YouTube here and here.





  1. mwilsonemt said,

    How many times was your laptop dropped or had beer spilled on it. I know plenty of people who own Acers with no problems. Now, my brother went to school where everyone was issued an IBM, you know, one of the standards for lap tops. And guess what, 75% of students had display and HD issues. Sounds like an issue with collage students, not Acers.

  2. unig said,

    I’ve never dropped my laptop nor spill any beer on it (or bodily excretion as a matter of fact). I have a suspicious feeling that Acer laptops (same model) meant for Asian market differs to that for North America in terms of quality. Acer has pretty bad rep now in my place, everyone seems to be using Compaq/HP/Dell nowadays. And I’m studying in Malaysia, a muslim country where we don’t exactly have beer parties every other nights. Also, I’m careful enough to put my keg far from my electronics 😉

  3. YEN said,

    Woaa.. chill mann.. u sounds very the very frustrated.. Scary~ LoLx!
    Btw, I think all kind of brands of laptop will have d risk of any prob.. It really depends on luck for d buyer.. =S
    I really didn’t know that Acer’s laptop wil have screen prob.. Altho many of my frens said Acer was not good, but I heard Acer got quite a few award in d world for pc laptops..
    Previously, I’m using Dell n d LCD screen cracked too, n it was much worser than urs.. looks like there’s spills of black ink on it.. =_=”
    Took me a long time to actually decide what new “brand” of laptop shud I buy.. since many brands are untrustable~~ Wanted to buy SONY (bcoz so far I think its d most quality brand =P), but dad say technology changes fast.. few years later, need to spend another thousands to buy d latest one.. >.< So just simply buy one to use for studies, when go out to work only buy a good one.. Hahax! XD

  4. a_giu™ said,

    I think those who havent experience any prob with their ASSCER laptops would definitely say ACER IS THE BEST!!

    but trust me, it is by far the worst laptop in the market in term of quality..
    If u buy an ASSCER, its like buying a piece of glass and bring it around…
    sound fragile huh??
    thats what ASSCER quality is!!!

    I know UNIG very well..
    so i know how he handle and care for his laptop..
    but still it KONG for no reason..
    shitty ASSCER…

    so, if any reader still wanna buy ASSCER, go ahead!!
    I cant stop people from committing suicide..

  5. napaboaniya said,

    Wah lauz… I think we both have the same laptop but different problem. 4 months ago … until now actually. My screen is slightly dimmer. When confronted Acer Service centre, they said “one of ur light bulb burst, replacement cost $350”.
    I replied “byebye!!”.
    So here I am still using staring at a screen slightly dimmer than normal.
    *DANG* no more Acer after this one goes “up the lorry” !

  6. superweightkoalabear said,

    ACER=Aku CEpat Rosak!!! IBM is the best! next is toshiba… but then, again, would not know whether LENOVO will be the same….

  7. hcfoo said,

    A friend of mine who bought Acer face the similar problem too (but her screen is even worse) and she has been going back to the shop a couple of times to change the motherboard.

  8. unig said,

    YEN : Nah, I’m not really that frustrated. Just that I need a working screen cause I use a lot of drawing software for my FYP. I think most of the awards are quite old i.e when the quality is still good. But the past 3 or 4 years has been pretty bad from Acer. I guess it’s like what you said, it depends on the buyers luck sometimes.

    a_giu™: Haha, you’re in the list. Friend #1 actually. Twice some more. Acer really sucks.

    napaboaniya : Yeah, definitely no more Acer for me. I think most Taiwanese brands have issues with quality. They’re probably not built to last more than 3 years. I’ve seen some IBMs that have run for more than 5 years and still no problem.

    : Eh, I thought Lenovo is a China company? Can’t believe IBM have to sell it’s notebook division to a China company. Wonder if the quality will remain the same, or go up or worse – go down?

    hcfoo : Buy Acer products last!

  9. superweightkoalabear said,

    to me ACER will be the worst of the best… IBM sold their PC Division to Lenovo… beginning to like the design though (LENOVO notebooks)… either that LENOVO still holds THINKPAD series up a notch among their range of notebooks…
    I travel a lot, on the plane, in jeeps and 4×4, trains, boat, ferries.. due to nature of my work, and believe me, this THINKPAD of mine had been trashed, stuffed inside the vehicle storage compartment… and it still SURVIVE! btw this i bought this R51 in sept 2004…

  10. BABAR said,

    was the worst thing i could do with my money. Is a totally unreliable system.

  11. Core said,

    I’ve had my Acer Aspire 6920 for a few weeks and so far, I’ve had no issues. Besides the two-hour battery life, this machine seems perfect to me.

  12. Jaydude said,

    share the same frustrations as you dude. my travelmate 2350’s motherboard zonked out on me after just 2 years, shutting down and powering up again and i had to shell out big money to repair it. after repairs, i tried playing a game but something queer with the system caused my lappie to BSOD and then it cannot be powered on anymore (probably an assed up graphics chip soldered onto the motherboard)

    and now, a new problem… my CD drive is spoiling and i cannot use the recovery disks to format my disk. so im stuck now. yay. anyway ill be enlisting for army so i can use my payout to buy a thinkpad and shove this thing into teh gutter.

  13. Constipation Remedies · said,

    acer laptops have much brighter lcd screens compared to other brands *,;

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