Photography: Planetise your panorama pictures

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Update (2/2/08):I’m back in West Malaysia, bitches!


Damn it’s been so long since I’ve written a page about photography. So, to do this awesome site a justice I’m gonna put up planet pictures I created with some panorama pictures I took.

First things first, what are planet pictures? Simply put, planet pictures are essentially panorama pictures that has been rotated and stitched from one end to the other on a polar axis. Or something like that. Jeez, I’m not good in technical stuffs ok?

Anyway, I learned this technique from Dirk of and it was originally seen from this DigiSniper post .

The cool thing was this planetising picture technique has always been staring right at me all the time whenever I work with Photoshop and never realized it. Yeah, there’s a function in Photoshop that lets us create planet pictures almost effortlessly. Goes to show how much more we should learn to fully utilize PS.

Here’s a sample of some of the planet pictures I’ve made with the accompanying original panorama pictures:

panorama (originally from here):




Didn’t turn out too good cause as you can see, the left corner of the picture happens to be a lake so it’s kinda difficult to join the picture from one end to the other y’know.

panorama (originally from here):





Ok, slightly better. Looked more like an egg-shaped planet than a sphere one. I used Photoshop CS1 to create these pictures. I’m using CS3 Extended version at the moment.

panorama (originally from here):





Alright, I cheated a bit. That wasn’t actually a panorama picture. Just to show that you don’t really need panorama pictures to make planets. Of course, panorama pictures would create much better 3 dimensional effect. The picture on top looked kinda 2-D. Rather flat.

panorama (originally from here):





Bear in mind that I did all these pictures in 5 to 10 minutes without much cropping and adjustment. Which explains the half-arsed looking effort. Given more time I think I could have come up with better stuffs.

But I’m certainly hooked on this planet thing on PS. I’ve almost planetise every single panorama pictures in my possession hehe.




Most of you would have probably known that I am back in West Malaysia to celebrate CNY. Luckily none of the SNAFU that happened on my last flight home occurred again.


Here are some photos I’ve taken on the plane:



Took a picture of some fella who’s taking a picture of the plane’s wing. Forgive his kiasu-ism, probably his first time on an airplane hehe.


His kiasu-ism eventually rubbed off on me and hence I proceeded to do what he did. I took a picture of the wing too:



Some conversation I heard from the front seats. I wasn’t eaves dropping, really it was that loud.




  1. Terence said,

    hey there! that’s waaaay cool! u don’t need to be so modest bout them hehehe

  2. YEN said,

    LOL! Soooo cute~!! 😉

  3. Psychotic Ape said,

    First one came out best, it’s best to use ones taken in the morning or afternoon when the sky is blue.

  4. unig said,

    Terence : Thank you

    YEN : Which one’s cute? The pics or me?

    Psychotic Ape : Now that you’ve mentioned it, yeah.

  5. c said,

    u took nice pictures..but always the same

  6. YEN said,

    LOL! I don’t seem to see any pics of u in dis post..

    so.. …
    it’s d planets that’s cute! 😉

    Btw, u r cute too.. Blekx~~

  7. YEN said,

    I think I need to learn photography techniques from u someday..
    U always take great pics.. n edit them well.. >< *jealous*
    even though u r using ur Olympus FE cam.. that is not even 3 megapixels(izzit?).. but still d pics r so clear..
    I wanna learn..!!

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