Movie review – Body Snatchers: Malaysia

5 February, 2008 at 11:48 am (Filler) (, , , , )

Not actually a movie review but if you read Howsy, The Sensintrovert’s article about body snatching(especially the lower part) you would feel almost like reading the script of a horror movie. Instead of zombies digging up corpses, you have people or in this case “authorities” doing the deed.

My, my some people just can’t be content with their iron fists rule over living people, now it seems they want to have jurisdicktion over the dead as well.

So remember people, sometimes it’s easy for you to get your legs into a shit hole, but that doesn’t mean you can pull them out easily. Once you’re in it you’re stuck for life. Even the law can’t(or won’t) help you.

And even if you’re dead stuck at that shit hole, you can’t do shit about it(haha) cause in the end you have no control over your own dead body. Pretty shitty eh?(again, haha)



  1. mob1900 said,

    Some NutJob suggested non-muslims should tattooed ‘I am not a Muslim’ on our forehead so our body doesn’t get ‘snatched’ after we kaput and oh, he meant it as a ‘joke’.

    Makes you wanne tattoo ‘ASS’ on his forehead as a ‘joke’, no?

  2. unig said,

    yeap, but then again they can cover it with their Taliban style headgear can’t they?

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