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Ehem, for the lack of a better title you see. Not that I was interested in chemistry.


You know that saying; life imitating art? In the anime world, you’d have these people who indulge in the carnal pleasure of cosplay. What’s a cosplay?

Well cosplay is the act of dressing up as your favorite anime characters and to a certain extent copying their physical features such as facial elements, scars, and boob size (usually achieved through copious amount of make-ups and extra padded bras). Some even go the extra mile by imitating their favorite character’s behavior (could be moody, dark, perverse or even sluttish).



A Sailormoon cosplayer. Ermm… not exactly what I had in mind.

As I was reminiscing about all the animes I’ve watched so far, I made it a point to check out my favorite character’s cosplayers and see if they did any justice to their anime’s awesomeness. Some are pretty good. Some are ok. And some, er well let’s just say you wouldn’t wanna see that Sailormoon pic above and risk vomiting out whatever you had for breakfast and lunch and dinner.

One of my favorite anime heroins happens to be Chii of Chobits fame. Here’s how Chi looks like in anime form:




As for the series, Chobits itself isn’t extraordinary compared to others I’ve watched. But it does tell a simple story of forbidden love between human and robots (or in this case they’re known as Persecoms). What Chobits managed to do is tell a simple story well without all those crazy special effects that tend to distract viewers from the story line.

Alright, who the hell am I kidding? The REAL reason I watched Chobits is because it contains lots and lots of ecchi elements in it hehe. I mean, c’mon! Don’t tell me you wanna be stuck watching some dumb animes that kept on harping about stuffs like integrity, war, or a bunch of guys frolicking around in all-male schools playing grab ass with each other? Hell no! Give me them ecchi stuffs please! Ahahaha.

But no hentais for me though. Don’t ask why. I’m just not into full blown stuffs like that.

Anyway, here are some of the Chii cosplayer pictures I’ve found:



A bunch of ang mohs. Even though Chii herself is a blonde but she just doesn’t look and behave like a Caucasian. I mean these girls did a great job cosplaying Chii but they’re just lacking that cuteness that Chii has. Maybe it’s because Chi being a Japanese persecom and all is supposed to be petite and maybe submissive as well. I dunno, I’m just guessing.



Ok now this is what I’m talking about. But still, Chii doesn’t smile much in the anime…



If there is ever a brunette Chii, she would be it.


Ahhh… finally. I think she did a pretty good job cosplaying Chii, appearance wise that is. What’s with her cutesy face, soft smooth pale skin, and that nighty! Now that’s what I call a professional cosplayer.



Another view. Yes, Chii does like to frolic around in a thin nighty much to the chagrin of her human lover who can’t seem to stop squirming around and adjusting his pants every time she does that. I guess too much display of nubile assets can be detrimental to a man’s health eh? Or sanity haha.

However, I think the most perfect person to portray Chii would definitely be this girl below:



Look at those eyes man. If only she died her hair blonde hmmm. She’s a professional cosplayer by the way (means she gets paid doing it, others do it for the fun of it or because they like their characters so much). I’ve seen her MySpace page before but just couldn’t remember her name. Damn.

Anyway, what’s your favorite animes? Anyone can recommend any good ones? Preferably those with some ecchi elements thrown in as well hehe.


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  1. emilzy said,

    Well that’s Arisa Mizuhara you’re talking about, she actually cosplaying His is My Master’s Kurachi Anna Christmas version and Misa Misa from Death Note, well she did done a cosplay of Chii from Chobits, and No the myspace of hers is a fake one, cause she has her own webpage in Japanese, and most of her photo are there, so try and search in her webpage.

    And btw I don’t think you should critic other’s cosplay before you actually try doing it, no offence though. Yes I do agree that Caucasian’s don’t look like great compare to Japanese cosplayers, since Japanese anime and manga are from Japan right. So they tend to draw their manga’s in an Asian way more likely to their people.

    And do you know the different between Japanese cosplayers and Americans or other cosplayers from different country. Japanese cosplayers tend to pose cutely in front of the camera, and thus sometimes ruining the character itself because the character doesn’t act in that sense of way unless the character itself is cute. I accept cosplay as an art, no in sense of eroge/porn-ish feeling I get every time I see famous Japanese cosplayers like Kipi and Arisa *though guys like it, that explain why Arisa pose like this because she sells her cosplay photo cd in Japan*.

    If you want eroge anime, they are damn loads of it in School Days’s Anime, and Rosario + Vampire

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