Suck it(sakit) la…

10 March, 2008 at 7:34 pm (Mumblings) (, , , , , )

Yes, I fell sick today. And the day couldn’t have gotten worse. This is a summarized and condensed version of what happened:

>>Woke up feeling ok. Went to workshop to finish up my Final Year Project (or was it Problem?)

>>By lunch time, I was already feeling feverish, but being the soldier that I am, I went ahead to class at 2pm. Cause the lecturer was giving tips on final exam. Die die also must go.

>>By the time class ended, I really buay tahan already. Need some medical attention.

>>Jumped on my bike and realized that the fuel gauge was pointing to E (Empty). Had to ride super slow to conserve gas cause I was practically running on fumes. Also, I forgot my jacket, so the entire ride felt like I was crossing the Arctic on sleds. Naked. The win was that cold.

>>Had to wait for a long time at the clinic. Was described a cocktail of medicines. One of them for pain killing which if I were to take it can’t mix it with another medicine. Due to my state of grogginess I was listening to the lady at the counter half-arsedly, and couldn’t remember which medicine it was that I couldn’t mix it with. The mix could be fatal. Bummer.

>>Rode back to hostel with the sky threatening to open up and unleash a heavy torrent of sky piss. The ride back was even more torturous due to pin-pricking-like wind engulfing me.

>>After climbing four flights of stairs up to my room, I realized I had left my keys on my bike. Had to climb all the way down and trudge another couple of hundred yards in a very very weak-almost-can-fall-on-my-face condition. Luckily due to my terror-ness, I managed to balance myself a couple of times when I almost slip at the stairs. God bless.

>>By the time I reached my room, I took my medicines and literally passed out on the floor sitting next to my bed, cloths unchanged and all. Woke up half an hour later and mustered some strength to climb up my bed which was just a foot away from where I passed out.

>>My body felt like a scorcher and I think when I left the bed to go to the loo, I could see burnt marks on my bed sheet due to the heat I emitted.

>>Did I also tell you I’m gonna have a test tomorrow? And I need to burn the midnight oil tonight, regardless of my condition. Bummer. There’s also an assignment I need to hand in this Thursday and FYP submission in another 5 weeks. Double bummer.

>>So what caused the fever? I had a theory that it was due to all the election fever last week. Either that or it’s a manic Monday.


>>Alright I’m gonna stop here or risk getting branded as a whiny bitch. Hope you had a better day than mine. Don’t think I’ll be updating these few days due to my condition. Take care all.



  1. misSing said,

    Strange, I was going to ask you how u were, but i thought i better not sound personal, but when I saw the latest post abt u being unwell, i wish i did. No wonder I’ve not seen you at the usual place. Get well soon..

  2. your biggest fan said,

    get well soon dear!

  3. YEN said,

    Sounds so cham lidat de.. =X
    Well anyways, wish u get well soon de.. 😉
    Do rest more n drink more water.. Dun spend too much time in front of d comp, not good for eyesight n health also.. LoLx!

  4. The Long Awaited HFMD Post. « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] After I was done with the test, I had to quite literally (again, hey I like this word) summon all my super human strength just to crawl back to hostel. But of course, I had to put up a strong and brave front for fear of disappointing all my female fans (ahahahaha). KNN, I felt even sicker upon reaching my room. No choice but to head to the university’s clinic, and I wrote about my exciting journey to get there here. […]

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