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13 March, 2008 at 5:34 pm (Misc pics) ()

Dear readers of,

Due to an unavoidable medical condition that I had just been diagnosed with (4pm Malaysian time, Thursday March 13th 2008), the writer will have to go through doctor-imposed quarantine. Hence, this blog will not see any updates for the time being. That is till the writer is freed from quarantine or pending upon worst case scenario, no longer available.

Thank you. And much love to all my readers.



  1. Angel said,

    Eeps… you too??? So basically it mostly came from allamanda? Ahh… better keep my distance then.

    And you take care! Rest well and get well soon!

  2. everythingisimpermanent said,

    hmmmsigh…… get well soon……….n think positive…..enjoy the view ….and now its the time for introspection….. *lol*

  3. YEN said,

    OMG! Izzit dat HFM disease rumoring in our Uni? Gosh~ Rest well then.. =X Take care..

  4. De-quarantine « UniG - The blog your mama warned you about. said,

    […] those who don’t get the gist of this post, please read this first. And this too […]

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