19 March, 2008 at 7:01 pm (Mumblings) (, , , , )

For those who don’t get the gist of this post, please read this first. And this too (prelude).




Ayam kambing bag (I am coming back)!


I’ve just been released from quarantine after a visit to the university’s clinic. Doc said as long as I keep my distance from other people and stay away from crowded areas, I should be good.


Thanks for all the good wishes and thanks to my family and friends who helped a lot during these tumultuous times.


Will update more (with loads of pics) when time allows me too. Still have 3 days of Final Year Project to attend to, a test next Tuesday and a presentation that needed to be done but didn’t because I was oh I dunno…….. quarantined? Hahahahaha!


Stay tuned.




  1. misSing said,

    hmmsigh misSing …….. been misSing ….. heaps…..xoxo

  2. unig said,


    heaps and heaps and heaps…

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