Why so busy doc?

24 March, 2008 at 12:10 am (Filler, Misc pics) (, , , , , )

I know I still haven’t chronicle my HFMD experience, from the onset of infection, to being quarantined and my subsequent release from the jail house. Not to mention tons of pictures I haven’t up-load including those really gory ones depicting HFMD symptoms infecting my hands and legs. Rightly so, since I have been very very busy lately. Here’s a list of what I’ve been busy with:


My Final Year Project! And that thing above is just a part of a bigger prototype. And it spins! Spent 1 month designing it, another 2 months building it, another 3 days of continuous experiment and data collection. Phew…


Hopefully everything goes well.



Helped a technician dismantle his car. I was given the honorable task of emptying the fuel tank which will then be sold as scrap metal. Hard work indeed.

I have to do a presentation today which really was supposed to be done last Monday. But you see the problem is, last Monday I was quarantined. Bummer

There’s a test tomorrow. God help us all.

There’s also a quiz tomorrow. God help us all again.

And the irony of it all is – it’s my birthday today. So wrong the timing eh?



  1. misSing said,

    Unig, why would you choose that for your final year project? And I know it spins, (we have it on our roof actually. and experiment it? hehahahahahaha…..I dont buy it actually.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and you know the rest…xox

  2. Jojo said,

    wish u all the best

  3. Rita said,

    this car looks terrible…

  4. napaboaniya said,

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Aiyoh, you kena HFMD?
    There were a few cases in my kid’s school last month.
    Good luck with your test/quiz.

  5. Benard A.K.A Banana said,

    HEy, UNIG!!!!
    Happy birdday!!!
    Getting older n earn another one more year again.
    Well, all the best in solving ur FYP (Final Year Problem).
    GAM BE TEH!!!

  6. unig said,

    misSing: Thank you. Hmmm as for the turbine ventilator, it’s just a smaller part of a bigger project so yah I don’t actually do my experiment on that thing ehahahah.

    Jojo: Thanks.

    Rita: Exactly the reason why we’re scrapping it 🙂

    napaboaniya: Thank you. Yeah, I still can’t believe I kena HFMD at the ripe old age of 24 heh!

    Benard A.K.A Banana: Hehe, thanks man. Wish you all the best for your FYP too!

  7. Angel said,

    Hey.. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Best wishes ~

  8. unig said,

    Thanks Angel. Hey, where’s my present? ehehehe..

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