Excuse me, what did you say doc?

30 March, 2008 at 11:13 am (Mumblings) (, , , , , , , , , , )

A rather short continuation of my HFMD saga which I wrote about here. This would be the last part, I promise. Heh!

So about a week into my quarantine, I went out. Not to spread the virus around mind you but rather to consult the doctor again to inquire about my current condition and whether it’s still necessary for me to be put under confinement.

You see there’s 2 doctors on duty at the uni clinic. The one who examined me and subsequently put me under quarantine in the first place happens to be the younger of the two and understandably seemed a bit panicky during the initial stage of the HFMD outbreak. Can’t blame her though, could be her first time handling this kinda crisis.

This second doctor whom I saw on that day on the other hand is older and I think much more experienced. So, she’s kinda at ease with this whole HFMD thing. But the thing I wanna highlight here is the conversation she had with me:

Me: Doctor, do I still need to be quarantined? My MC* ended yesterday(Tuesday) and it’s Wednesday now. I have missed one to many classes and I still have tons of work to do.

Doctor: Hmmm let me see ya…(proceeds to take out some kinda chart). From your blood test, it shows that you’re just tested mildly positive for the HFMD virus. And it seems that you’ve recovered pretty well. So I guess yeah, you don’t need to be quarantined anymore.

Me: Is it? (In my heart: Yes!!!! Now I can resume my babe watching activity)

Doctor: But remember this – kurangkan aktiviti raba-meraba dengan perempuan dan jangan kissing-kissing ya supaya penyakit ni tak berjangkit. At least until you’ve recovered.

(Translation: Reduce your fondling and kissing activities with girls to reduce infection.)

Me: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK OK DOCTOR… whatever you say…

Fondling??? Kissing??? Like wtf right? But I gotta give it to the doctor though, she has one heck of a wicked sense of humor.

*note: MC = medical certificate a.k.a sick leave la dammit!


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