Aurora in the skies.

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Been a while since I’ve posted any front page-worthy photos, so here goes:

You know, I’ve always been fascinated with auroras, basically a light phenomena that happens at night time in certain places around the world like Alaska, North Pole, South Pole and some parts of Australia too I believe. Though we don’t actually get to see these amazing natural performances here in the equator belt or specifically in Sarawak, nonetheless I’ve captured some photos that I think would best resemble auroras, here in the land of the hornbills.

The ‘aurora’ effects here were created from a mixture of cloud formations and lights bouncing off them from sunset. There’s also that spectacular contrast between the red/purplish colors of the cloud and the blue skies. (Photo made with panorama effect)


Try and detect a special feature in this photo. Hint: look at the corner left side.

Yeap, there’s a rainbow there. Can you see it? This alone magnified the aurora-like effect by several folds. Ok, maybe not aurora-like but still amazing though.

For a normal view outside my window, click here and here please.


Another angle, now can you see the rainbow splitting the photo? And the clouds man… they are amazing. I mean they almost don’t look like clouds at all. More like it’s raining Ribena/orange juice or something haha.


Evidently, apart from the abundance of beautiful hot babes, Sarawak also has beautiful skies as well.



Some of the funny stuffs I stumbled upon from TheOnion (I know, I’m addicted to it!).

I wouldn’t mind having this shirt. Hehahaha!


And while looking for safe box pictures for this post, look what I found:

It was supposed to be a picture for the promotion of safe sex but some people just have to spoil the fun by being way too literal. I mean this is literally SAFE SEX!



  1. everythingisimpermanent said,

    In the southern sky, it is call the aurora australis and northern sky is aurora borealis. That sky is so awesome… hmm. Tell me is this what you witnessed every evening? The light of the auroras would actually be kind of moving and there’s no words that could described it really. You have to witness it yourself I reckon.

  2. unig said,

    Nah, I don’t get to see these views everyday. Only on certain days when the sky is clear and the weather is good. These clouds were moving too albeit at a much slower rate than a real aurora. Auroras tend to ‘dance’. Maybe we can go see the aurora australis one day hmm?

  3. everythingisimpermanent said,

    Yes *dance* is the right word. hmmsigh….I like whats on that Tshirt as well, LOL…

  4. Mischique said,

    Hey JS, haha am glad someone appreciates my effort on the Cleo Bachelor entries. Well have you seen this year’s bachelors? Uglier than ever. 90% of them are ugly. I can’t even make up my mind who should make into my top 10 ugliest bachelor list. Might write about it if the mood strikes or would you be interested to be a guest commentor? Hahaha.

    By the way, hope you’re recuperating from HFMD. Those spots look nasty.

  5. unig said,

    Yeap I have seen this year’s list of bachelors. Which is exactly why I’m waiting eagerly for your post haha. Well, it seems that the amount of Ramly burger sellers, Mat Rempits, Ah Bengs, dan lain-lain has quadrupled this year which explains for the 90% entries hehe. I am actually quite honored with your invite to be a guest commenter alas I still think you write it best. No one can top those posts you did previously.

    And thanks for the well wishes… I am recovering well.

  6. Mischique said,

    JS, you’re too kind. I am utterly flattered by your compliment that I bash those poor bachelors so well for the past years. LOL. By the way I can’t believe you still remembered my Ramly burger seller comment! That really got me laughing. The quality of eligible bachelors just deteriorate as the years go by.

    And……….I can’t believe Kenny fatty Sia is one of em. Omg……….*pUKE* I sure hope he doesn’t win any subsidiary prizes as his ‘worshipers’ are voting for him blindly. Doesn’t it just remind you of his fellow partner-in-crime contestant in Malaysian Dreamgirls?

    Would love to hear your comments on those girls!

  7. Miserable Grad Stude said,

    The photo with the football field at the bottom is gorgeous. It almost makes going to school fun. Almost.

  8. napaboaniya said,

    JS, I’m beginning to wonder if you’re spending more time staring out of your class/dorm window instead of your books! LOL

  9. Enjoy the Scenery! said,

    Cool Pics! – Up here in Northern Canada (Goose Bay, Labrador) we see amazing vistas of the Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights all the time and one never gets tired of it. Deep winter is best when it’s a crisp, clear night.

    As they old sayin’ goes, “whistle and they will dance for you”.

    Keep up the great work!

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