It’s been that long?

3 May, 2008 at 9:39 am (Funny pics, Uni pics) (, , , , , , , , , )

Yeah yeah I know I haven’t updated in about a month (which feels like a decade in cyber space) but can you blame me? These past few weeks had been one hell of an endless barrage of deadlines and academic assaults on my poor mind; starting with a kick in the crotch from overdue assignments, followed up with a nice head chop from FYP, and ending perfectly with some deep anal fisting from Final Exams. Speaking of which, finals haven’t actually ended, yet. Damn.

By the way, just for the excuse of dusting off the dirt from my wordpress/photobucket dashboards, I’m gonna show you some pics that are guaranteed to stoke that inner pervasive fantasy of yours my dear readers. Oh don’t you deny it, from my console I can pretty much see that half of my visitors arrived here searching for animal porn eh? AND PUT THAT KY JELLY DOWN! Hahaha!

So, the story goes like this… I followed a friend’s car out to dinner (or was it lunch? I dunno cause I don’t care as long as there’s food). As soon as I step into his car, I was immediately hit with the overpowering smell of sweet animal lust. But couldn’t be what? He doesn’t have any pets in his car, so where did that smell come from?

I searched high and low, hoping to get a glimpse of those darn copulating animals but they were no where to be found. That is until some dark aura lured my wandering vision to the dashboard. The dashboard! Of cause… how can I be so blur to ignore the vibe coming from there? So here I present you, pics of debaucheries on the dashboard:












Ok, here comes the clincher – since Sylvester (the one on top) is a cat and the receiver at the bottom is a koala (I assume) can this still be considered doggy style? Hahaha!



THE TAIL! Check out the tail! Mua ha ha ha ha!

p/s: No animals (stuffed or otherwise) were harmed during the photo shoot.




Have you ever hear the saying – every cloud has a silver lining? I used to think that was crap, probably something an old drunk geezer would pull out of his ass after one too many Johnie Walker. That is until I saw it with my own eyes:


Can you see it?



p/p/s: A special shout out to a medical student/ future doctor. Oi kawan! Hehe…



  1. wowie said,

    damn farken awesome sky!!!!

  2. napaboaniya said,

    From your disappearance, I thought you got kidnapped by aliens to be their sexual slave 😛

  3. Kawan said,

    hey thank you so much for giving me a shout out! terima kasih kawan! ur photo skill are superb la kawan! lain kali aku kahwin u jadi photographer eh? ur blog really reflects ur character, very fun loving, sweet and humorous! you’re such a great friend! may god bless you always! really love reading yr blog! makes me lol!

  4. unig said,

    napaboaniya: How I wish…. LOL

    Kawan: No la… not that superb.. Haha and when you kahwin next time don’t forget to invite me ok? I’ll be the best photographer you’d ever have! And thanks… god bless you too!

  5. napaboaniya said,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes 🙂

  6. misSing said,

    hmm a Koala huh? I’m so gonna miss ya…..hmmsigh…

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