My 1st Malaysia-Singapore Collaboration

17 May, 2008 at 2:43 pm (Misc pics, Mumblings, Scenery, Uni pics) (, , , , , , , , , )

About a week ago some of my pictures were featured in an art/photography assignment from a friend of mine all the way from Singapore. She had asked to feature some of my works in this assignment of her and me being the gracious(ehem!) person that I am (haha) gladly obliged. Here’s the resulting work:



Four of my pictures were featured. Here they are in the original versions and you can click them it’s accompanying post:





Personally, my most favorite photo (apart from mine haha!) would be the top most center one, a good and sharp macro shoot for the railings and ending with a blurred out background. That picture shows a great form of perspective photography with nice contrast and lighting. Not bad at all considering it was taken with a P & S camera, just like all the other pics. And my other favorite would be the candy love sign pic at the top right corner. Can’t believe those candies actually fell on the ground and formed a heart shape accidentally!

And coincidentally, the main focus of this work would be the bigger ‘Candy’ pic on the right…. hmmm I smell Da Vinci Code conspiracy here hehehe. I mean the just above the Candy pic is a pic of the heart shape candies. Now you tell me, is this a sign or what? Hahahaha!

Personally, I am quite flattered and proud (a bit) that my photos were featured in a dear friend’s assignment. Yes I know they aren’t going to an art gallery(yet!) but somehow having my pics helping a dear friend of mine meant a lot to me. Oh ya, another perk is I get free promotion for my site hehe!

Maybe our government don’t see eye to eye but our people sure have lots of love for each other don’t they? Hehehehe…

To that friend of mine, I hope you get fantabolous grades for this assignment of yours because I think you have talent. But do take care not to cut yourself anymore in the future ok?

p/s: I’m always glad to help anyone who needs my pics, as long as they are not for commercial purposes (as stated by my copyright here) and credit is given when due. Just ask me and I’m sure I’ll be glad to let you feature them in your assignments, blogs or books.



  1. Kawan said,

    omg so sweet of you! thanks again! haha i told u we can work together! thanks so much again! haha yes i’ve gotten my grades! i was one of the top students for this assignment! lol my lecturer was in love with the hearts pic and the purple sky! hahah just like how we both like the picture! omg it’s the linky code la haha..yes and the whole candies just spilled out as if it was free milk spillage haha!

  2. napaboaniya said,

    Our “Garments” can have their differences..
    But here we are, 2 bloggers from both countries on good ties 🙂

    Happy Vesak Day JS!!!

  3. unig said,

    Kawan: Hahaha ur welcome and… YOU SOUND _EXCITED! LOL! Glad to have worked with you… waiting for the next one =)

    napaboaniya : And is it a wonder that some of my blog roll consists of good SG bloggers? =) Hope you had a great Vesak Day too. Amitabha!

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