I’m Yours

20 May, 2008 at 3:17 pm (Songs, Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , )

I’m kinda happy now cause one of my all time favorite singer/song writer Jason Mraz is coming out with a new album and one of his song that had fast became my favorite so far is I’m Yours. Here’s the MV for the song:

And that song is dedicated to my dearest Kawan =)

Truth is I’ve listened to that song since last year when it was leaked on the internet as a sampler. The one I listened to is slightly different in terms of music and instrument play and lacking the distinct Carribean/ beach kinda song the final release has. But still a good song though, so good in fact I still listen to it almost on a weekly basis for the past year.

And this might beg the question, why the unhealthy obsession with Mraz? Well admittedly I am (slightly) intrigued by his songs especially the first time I heard one his hits – The Remedy way back in 2003(?). I found out that the song was written for a friend who had cancer and in the song, the lyric goes “well if you’ve got the poison, I’ve got the remedy”. It reminded me of some one dear to me who survived cancer, and now shines so bright and lighten up people’s lives, you can literally turn off the sun. In fact she’s so strong it made me feel embarrassed to be weak. So for that friend of mine I shall soldier on! Here’s the MV for Remedy:

And then there’s You and I Both, man I liked this song almost as much as I like kaya! Haha! Ok let me try and be an ah lian by saying – I ❤ that song(<3 is a sideway heart symbol which most people mistaken for cone ass (3) gettit? Haha!) This song made me realize that this Mraz dude is talented, quirky, write great lyrics and the MV itself is funny. Now don’t get me wrong ok cause the love I have for Mraz is purely on a musical level and nothing else. No sticky man love here please hahaha!

p/s: Ok this is kinda embarassing, I have only recently realised that Colbie Caillat is infact a woman. All this while I thought she was a guy cause you know she’s a singer/song writer pretty much in the same league as Mraz and with a name like Colbie, can you blame me? Sheesh… hahaha!



  1. suanie said,

    heh i love mraz
    isn’t i’m yours an old-ish song?

  2. unig said,

    Yeah the sampler’s been out since last year I think… just that the final version of the song is only recently launched with his new album I believe?

  3. Kawan said,

    hahaha oh my dear god! u said u want to speak like ah lian? y not ah beng? lol..awww so sweet! same here i love his songs soo much! dear god u didnt know colbie was a girl? haaah dear oh dear! im sure you will soldier on too knwing that UR FREN has survived whatever she has gone thru..take care:D

  4. unig said,

    erm check out the kaya page too =) hehe

  5. win some learn some said,

    Oh I just love JMraz as well. Agree with all that you’ve said abt Mraz- talented genius! You and I both ….. I will never forget that song. Adorable… haha about Colbie..

  6. unig said,

    yup… You and I Both eh? hmmmsigh….

  7. Kawan said,

    i think as a fren reading e post dedicated to ur fren i realized it’s super sweet i think she will LOVE it:D 😀

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