Revenge of Spidey

7 June, 2008 at 8:34 pm (Uni pics) (, , , , , , )

Told you there’s gonna be a second part to this heh.

After what happened that day I started noticing this how many spiders there really was in the bathroom, its vicinity and to a certain extent the whole apartment. There really is a huge congregation of spiders there, I mean all you need to do is look up at the ceiling and you could easily be looking at 20 to 30 of those arachnids. Them eight legged web weavers ranged in size from and small as your nose poop to some as big as erm… several nose poops lumped together.

Hence, armed with my trusty Olympus I set out to snap more photos of them creepy crawlies but this time with better lighting. I snapped these pics near the veranda by the way.

With insects as big as this, is it a wonder why we have such a bg population of spiders? I guess not. Notice the nice green sheen on its body.

Sleeping mosquito. Seriously it was really sleeping! I placed my finger as near to it as possible and…

Squashed it! See told you it was sleeping. And mosquitoes (together with cocroaches) are the only things I wouldn’t mind killing. Wouldn’t wanna get dengue or malaria you see.

Ah, finally. The main star of the day. The itsy bitsy spider. Let’s take a closer look shall we? Hehe, but a bit of warning first. CONTINUE ONLY IF YOU’RE NOT SCARED OF EIGHT HAIRY LEGGED INSECTS CRAWLING ON YOUR SCREEN!

The legs almost as hairy as mine, except theirs were straight and spiky whilst mine are curly haha!

Stupid spider wouldn’t stay still for the photoshoot!

Gone back hiding in his web/nest or something.

Damn, blur shot cause it kept moving. Those are the toilet’s lamp at the background by the way. Since these buggers were way up near the ceilling I was perched on a chair and sticking my arm out so my camera can get as close to the subject as possible. Not an easy task especially when the camera’s auto focus doesn’t work well in low light condition.

I’m actually quite pleased that my FE managed to focus ON the spider instead of the shrubs in front. Like this shot a lot. Imagine blowing this pic up to maximum resolution and printing a poster sized pic out of it and hang it in front of your ‘best friend’ who happens to have a phobia towards spiders. I bet your ass he’s gonna end up with a seizure and start frothing at the mouth upon looking at the lurking spider haha!

This could be my best and most favorite macro so far. Some of the things I think I can improve with this pic is reduction of noise and a higher ISO perhaps? And also a bigger F number perhaps? Or is it smaller? I don’t know, I go by instinct when it comes to photography. But those are certainly the limitations of my camera. Nontheless this pic goes to show how much you can get from your regular Point and Shoot if you’re willing to push it to its limit.

Nice ass!

So kawan, has this post help you to curb that fear of creepy crawlies of yours? I hope it does though hehehe….



  1. naturelava said,

    I love the 2nd last pic .. its a beautiful spider. Good pictures btw.

  2. napaboaniya said,

    Doesn’t curb my fear of those hairy monsters!! Freaks me out …still 😛

  3. Mun said,

    I was amazed by your second last picture. Nice shot.

  4. YeN said,

    Omg~ Nice close-up pics but it’s really scary.. Those insects r from Unimas hostel izit? Or where? LOL..

    Btw, how have u been? =) Long time no talk.. Haha.. Graduating this August 08?

  5. Crow said,

    you like spiders very much huh? Nasty things 😦

  6. caffeinist said,

    something twinging my neck seeing this. Guts, baby. :/

  7. princesscheryl said,

    wow!! spider

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