About me.

Who the heck are you?
You can call me unig if you wish to. Obviously that’s far from being my real name.

So what’s your real name?
If I ever been to your blog and left a message there, you’d probably also notice that I left my initials there. Yes those are my real initials. Unfortunately that’s all I can tell you because of my anonymity(for now at least).

What’s with the whole anonymous thing?
Cause I don’t wanna be famous and have hordes of female fans rubbing their body against mine wtf! No seriously, I wish to remain anonymous cause I don’t wanna get into trouble with what I wrote which can be controversial sometimes. Although I wouldn’t mind the female-fans-rubbing-against-me bit though 😉

What’s with the name unig? A corruption of the word unique?
Obviously not! I’ll reveal more about the name in a future post. If I remember la. (Update: It’s been revealed here).

You sounded like a juvie. How old are you?
Unfortunately I’m probably among the oldest student in uni. I’m 24 this year.

You’re studying at…?
A uni in Sarawak. That’s all I can say. Which faculty? Let’s just say it’s the least famous one among all.

Why do you blog?
I’m a student and like any other student I face the same shit as you do like crappy lectures, assignments, tests, annoying apartment mates who you wish you can kick their gonads, etc. I need a place to rant.

But I don’t see a lot of rants here…

I know. Cause I count my blessings and I know situations can get worse but luckily they didn’t. So most of the time I’ll just talk about stuffs I experienced, seen or heard.

What can I expect from this blog?
Lot’s of pictures. If you hadn’t notice, I’m into photography as well. I know I photoshoped some of them but hey, if you’d expect my FE to take dSLR quality pictures than you probably believe in fairy tales as well.

That’s it? Photography only?
Hey if you’re lucky, I might post a picture of myself in a risque position. NOT! I’m also into music, fishing, the occasional drag race on my motorbike, and sometimes food.

So how do I contact you?
E-mail me at unigmas[at]yahoo[dot]com. By the way, I don’t usually do tags so if you do tag me, I’m sorry if I didn’t do it.

When did you start blogging? (Update:8 Jan 08)

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Why aren’t there any advertisements on your site? (Update:8 Jan 08)

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The origin of the name Unig and more info about me: (Update:2 Feb 08)

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