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For kinko, as I promised:

Thanks for the help! Hehehe… Enjoy the frap ya!


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Uni (Night Mode)/ Mid-Autumn Festival/ Goodies

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I realized that I don’t take many night shots of my uni. This was because my FE has a very lousy night mode which makes taking good shots without the aid of a tripod almost impossible. But nonetheless I’ll try my best and show you what I’ve got (some pics were taken on the hungry ghost night!):


Cempaka college I think. Click for a larger view.


The entrance to CAIS.


The floor of the auditorium inside CAIS. I took this pic cause I thought the lighting and floor texture looked oddly fascinating.


I believe this building belongs to the Art Faculty. Damn those artsy fartsy people for having such nice buildings.


This is where people piu yee (drift) in the uni.


One of the few sharp shots I managed to get that night. I actually used a garbage bin as a stand, sort of like my tripod la.

Speaking of uni, in case you wanna know where our or your uni is ranked the world click here. If you still can’t find it in the world rank (top 500), try here (SEA ranking)


I know this is a bit late but was too damn busy nowadays to post up pics of the mooncakes my friends treated us.



Thanks guys!


On another note, here’s some songs I found. Just click on them to listen or save it. For the benefit of those who can’t access Limewire in my uni. Some are new songs, some are old.

Anggun – Snow On the Sahara

Coldplay – Fix You

Joseph & Arthur – Honey & the Moon (soundtrack from American Pie 3. Can’t believe I’m actually recommending a song from American Pie but it’s pretty good)

Mandy Moore’s version of Umbrella

Marie Digby’s version of Umbrella

Another version of Umbrella (sigh) by Chris Brown and Rihanna

Plain White T’s – Delilah (enjoying quite a lot of airplay nowadays)


*edit – these songs are meant to be samples only, does not support piracy. If you like their songs, please show some support by buying their albums. TQ

That’s all for today. Will be a very very busy week for me what’s with FYP submission next Monday haih… Maybe I’ll go and watch Esther‘s play this Friday, if I can escape the grasp of FYP lar.

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Food Excursion.

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Ayam bag (I am back)! Been pretty hectic these few days since it is nearing the end of the semester. Rushing to complete the piles of assignments and especially my Final Year Project phew! Now that one is a KILLER with a capital K!

Anyway, as promised I’m gonna do a food review. Me and a bunch of my friends went to Sematan and Siar Beach 2 weeks ago to have a food excursion. The food was pretty good I have to say considering how cheap it is. I mean you definitely can’t get this sorta price back in Peninsular. And I didn’t do a macro close up cause I didn’t want oily lens on my FE.

Picture time!

First on the menu, the customary butter cooked prawns, not sure if I named it correctly. Pretty good stuffs here.

If the meat from a pig is called pork, then what do you call meat from a wild boar? Cause this was what we had – wild boar meat cooked in some sauce. Told you I sucked in food reviews. But nonetheless since it’s quite rare for me to taste wild boar, I’d have to say this dish is heavenly.

Next up, we had fried crispy squid, or was it cuttlefish? How do you differentiate those two? Hmm.. to me it tasted okay only. I’ve had better, and it wasn’t even in Malaysia.

Doesn’t this fish looked like some weird looking outer space alien, you know like the one you’d see in Star Wars? But look at the steam coming out. Nice effect! The fish is pretty good too. Nice and succulent flesh not to mention fresh!

Oh, there’s also a veggie dish but didn’t bother to take a picture of that cause veggie is veggie la!

Evidence of gluttony:

Now you see it…

Now it’s gone. BURP! Excuse me hehe.

What’s the total damage incurred from this food excursion? Only RM 85! For 5 dishes! For 6 people! Inclusive of drinks and rice refills! Can you get a cheaper price at Peninsular? No lemme rephrase that, can you get a cheaper price anywhere? 🙂

But I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the exact location of the restaurant cause I wasn’t paying much attention during the drive there ( I was supposed to be the navigator but I make one lousy navigator hehe). I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant now. But it’s just along the main road. I think the restaurant is called Siu Leng? Or something like that. Again, told you I sucked in food review.

While at Siar Beach, look what I found!

Can you see it?

Still can’t see? Then come closer la dammit!







Harlo! It’s Mr. Crab here minding his own business and suddenly before he knows it some punk decided to shove his Olympus FE-115 just one centimeter above him/her to get the shot he wanted. Haha, this is probably the best my FE’s macro can afford me. The crab is actually really small, smaller than a five cent coin maybe. You can see how big the crab is compared to the sand grains. Btw, I learned a trick when it comes to shooting crabs. You have to be at the back of it(avoiding eye contact with the crab haha) then you can start snapping. Apparently crabs only look forward and don’t notice much of their back. A forward looking crab indeed wtf.

Speaking of crabs, let’s have some next time ok?

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