I’m Yours

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I’m kinda happy now cause one of my all time favorite singer/song writer Jason Mraz is coming out with a new album and one of his song that had fast became my favorite so far is I’m Yours. Here’s the MV for the song:

And that song is dedicated to my dearest Kawan =)

Truth is I’ve listened to that song since last year when it was leaked on the internet as a sampler. The one I listened to is slightly different in terms of music and instrument play and lacking the distinct Carribean/ beach kinda song the final release has. But still a good song though, so good in fact I still listen to it almost on a weekly basis for the past year.

And this might beg the question, why the unhealthy obsession with Mraz? Well admittedly I am (slightly) intrigued by his songs especially the first time I heard one his hits – The Remedy way back in 2003(?). I found out that the song was written for a friend who had cancer and in the song, the lyric goes “well if you’ve got the poison, I’ve got the remedy”. It reminded me of some one dear to me who survived cancer, and now shines so bright and lighten up people’s lives, you can literally turn off the sun. In fact she’s so strong it made me feel embarrassed to be weak. So for that friend of mine I shall soldier on! Here’s the MV for Remedy:

And then there’s You and I Both, man I liked this song almost as much as I like kaya! Haha! Ok let me try and be an ah lian by saying – I ❤ that song(<3 is a sideway heart symbol which most people mistaken for cone ass (3) gettit? Haha!) This song made me realize that this Mraz dude is talented, quirky, write great lyrics and the MV itself is funny. Now don’t get me wrong ok cause the love I have for Mraz is purely on a musical level and nothing else. No sticky man love here please hahaha!

p/s: Ok this is kinda embarassing, I have only recently realised that Colbie Caillat is infact a woman. All this while I thought she was a guy cause you know she’s a singer/song writer pretty much in the same league as Mraz and with a name like Colbie, can you blame me? Sheesh… hahaha!


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Uni Shots Part 1: Before You Guys Forget

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Song of the day:

Why aren’t they making songs like this anymore? Oh wait, Crazy Frog did. But he butchered it.

Regarding my last post, I am really not that shallow. I mean which guy doesn’t like to look at pretty girl(s)? I like looking at pretty girls as much as you girls like to ogle/salivate/aroused at Orlando Bloom/ Brad Pitt/ Wang Lee Hom/[insert any hot male actors/singers/ models of your choice here]. And I’m not going to be a hypocrite and tell you shits like looks doesn’t matter, it’s all in the heart, as long as the girl doesn’t screw you over or materialistic etc etc.

To me, it all matters – just my preference on how a girl balances it good i.e: decent looking/okay personality/not too overly materialistic(let’s admit it everyone is materialistic no matter how much they say they aren’t, the difference is in the extent).

For those who mailed me asking question like “but unig, u’ve also posted their pics up without their permission LOL”. Well, listen ass wipes, unlike those sites I don’t make a single cent of profit posting up their pictures in MY PERSONAL site expressing MY PERSONAL opinions. Besides, it’s not like they posted up their e-mails for me to contact them.

So remember girls, next time when you want to post up a picture of, say Orlando Bloom/ Brad Pitt/ Wang Lee Hom/[insert any hot male actors/singers/ models of your choice here] don’t forget to ask for their permissions. And they are going to reply your mail saying “Yeah sure, go ahead. By the way thanks for being my fan LOL” along with the millions or so mails they receive everyday. Righhhhht…. turds.


I was going around a couple of my uni mates’ blogs and it seems that they most were all already back to their respective homes/hometowns. I won’t be back yet till next month due to my obligations to FYP. Seems like most of them are having a whale of a time especially with the end of the dreaded exams.

But somethings bugging me though, looks like a lot of you guys are having so much fun that you seem to have forgotten how the university looked like! In order to remind you that, I’m going to dedicate this entire week with picture posts of our uni less you forget how many more miserable years you guys have to endure(also because the last time I did a uni post was like 2 months ago).


The road leading to CAIS(library). Again, the use of a nearby dustbin substituted the need for tripod. A similar shot taken during night time can be found here (opposite direction though).


Face Off: FCSIT on the left and Engineering Faculty on the right.


The chancellory where all the important people work. I’ve only been there once but the view from up there was breath taking. Should go there again and take some pictures when I have the time.


Same view but taken with panoramic(vertical) mode to give you a larger view. Notice the slight concaving distortion?


This actually old news for those who study at my uni. They are actually building a golf course! Right in front of the hostel I’m staying! The construction has been pretty furious, they even worked throughout night time. Notice the amber/jade green color of the water in the pool they dug? It’s not dirty or algae ridden in fact the water is actually crystal clear! Somehow the soil condition(acidic? ferrous?) changed the water’s color.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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House is one whacked out doctor

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I grew up watching a lot of medical dramas on tv, the most popular one being ER. There are others like the gripping Chicago Hope, and the hilarious Scrubs but one that I really enjoy now is House MD.

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I went to Phuket last year but never published any photos. So here they are.

Nice emerald colored sea and stretches of sandy beaches packed with Caucasian and Thai bikini babes showing off their hot bods 😉

Can’t believe this place was also the same one devastated by tsunami in 2004. You almost can’t tell.

I believe this is the biggest temple in Phuket.

Close-up of the same temple. Too bad I haven’t learn how to use panoramic shot at that time. Otherwise I could have snapped a full length photo.

Though this place is called Bangla Boxing Stadium, you would not find any people of Bangladeshi descent throwing punches here. Named after the road – Bangla Road.

Interestingly, Bangla Road happens to be the most happening stretch of road in Phuket. The road itself isn’t long – 400 meters the most. But the shear number of clubs, go-go bars, strip club @ tiger show is just mind-boggling. There are multiple lanes on each side of the road that lead to even more clubs – I estimate there to be 80 to 100 clubs and bars on Bangla Road itself.

Interestingly, the road is separated to 2 sides, not physically though – one side is where real girls/women ply their trade and another side is for transvestites/lady boys. Though they’re segregated their job scope pretty much remain the same – waitress/bar girls, accompanying customer, strippers, and probably other jobs as well, if you know what I mean.

Don’t worry though, I was just a spectator and was not involved in any of the activities above 😉

One thing I do notice is how open the society is towards these activities which would have been considered as vices here, in our country. It’s the first time I saw half naked women (and transvestites) dance on a podium/table in an open area. Some would be clad only in their bras and panties and still be dancing just a couple of feet away from the street.

The people who work at the bars in Phuket are also very very friendly. The video below is a testament to that. I was walking around the streets just shooting video with my FE when suddenly these 3 bargirls decided to pose for me. I was a bit taken aback cause they probably thought I was taking a picture. I just said thanks and quickly scramble away hehe.

They are friendly alright. I wonder if the high currency exchange rate has anything to do with that.

And if you’re a guy walking alone (or with other guy buddies) you can be pretty sure some bar girl would grab you and sometimes even hug you just to get you(and your buddies) to drink in their bar.


Don’t let the photo above fool you though, it wasn’t taken at Phuket but at My Top Restaurant here in Samarahan, with my phone. Just to illustrate what you’ll probably be drinking everyday if you decide to go to Phuket. Cheap beer and stouts.

My best photo taken at the famed Patong Beach.

There are lot’s of other photos but I don’t think it’s appropriate to post here. Must maintain the cleanliness of this site you see haha.

Oh in case you’re wondering, this site is rated:


Do you know that band Breaking Benjamin? The one that’s famous with their song Diary of Jane? Well, wayyyyy before they were well known and received tons of air play for that song, I was already listening to them.

Here’s one of my favorite: Forget It. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This song is meant to be a sample only, unig.wordpress.com does not support piracy. If you like the song, please show some support by buying their albums. TQ

Edit: I just found out that some comments were directed to my spam box and I accidentally deleted them when clearing the spam box. Sorry if your comment didn’t appear, I’ll be more careful next time! So keep those comments coming!

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What happened to Sibu?

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Celebrated Raya yesterday by going to a record 5 houses! That would be 2 lecturers’, 1 faculty staff, and 2 friends’. We even took a bot tambang to get to the staff’s house!

It was on an island(?) Kampung Bako. Imagine the village to be something like Pulau Ketam with wooden planks connecting each houses. Very unique and a refreshing change from the usual.

A funny conversation took place between me and my course mate during the visit to the village:

Me: Eh, kau selama ni pergi raya pernah naik bot pergi rumah orang beraya?

Him: Tak pernah. (In the most monotonous voice ever)

Me & and him: HAHAHAHA!

Somebody actually ended up taking a piece off the boat tambang HAHA! It’s an inside joke.

Another funny conversation took place at a lecturer’s house when I casually mentioned good pussy when referring to his cat. It got all of us in stitches and the lecturer even mentioned(in his British accent): you got to be careful with the word pussy cause it’s double meaning you know. LOL!

Btw, I didn’t bring my FE out that night so no pics from the visits.


Watched Hairspray after the visits. It was a good musical movie – good enough to keep me from dozing off. If you like High School Musical you would enjoy this as well.

The movie had me shamelessly dancing(a bit) on the way to the car park. But I still can’t get the image of John Travolta in drag outta my mind.


Was supposed to go to Sibu today, but canceled at the last minute because:

a) Supposed to take the express boat, but none of us have any idea where the jetty/port is.

b) Even if we know where the jetty is, we’re not sure there’s any tickets left and what time the boat will be leaving.

c) Some accommodation problems.

Maybe next time.


Last set of pics from the Cameron Highlands trip. Was going to show them much later but bloody Flickr is threatening to gobble up my pics cause I’ve reached the limit of my free account(200 pics).

First up, strawberries! I dunno why but them strawberries tasted sweet up there in Cameron, but sour when brought back down to the lowlands.

Knowing me, you would have expected a panoramic shot wouldn’t you? Click the pic for a larger view. Taken at the BOH’s Sungai Palas plantation.

Bees!!!!!!!!! I was within 2 feet away from them but they were harmless enough though, provided they aren’t agitated. Shot with regular macro.

My most favorite pic of the entire trip. Taken with super macro at a cactus farm. Can you see the water droplets?


I’ve listened to half of James Blunt’s newest album already, titled All The Lost Souls and I’m sorry to say I’ve yet to find any stand out songs, you know like You’re Beautiful or Goodbye My Lover that made him so famous a couple of years back.

Sigh. I hope he hasn’t lost the touch. Or maybe I should continue listening. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Maybe.

Anyway, here’s one of his better ones that I managed to find from the internet – One of the Brightest Stars. Click to listen.

Disclaimer: This song is meant to be samples only, unig.wordpress.com does not support piracy. If you like the song, please show some support by buying his albums. TQ

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