Weirdest moment at Starbucks.

26 February, 2008 at 9:19 pm (Funny pics) (, , , , , )

As you all know, Starbucks are considered as higher class cafés here in Malaysia even though they’re pretty ubiquitous in western countries. Higher class? Hmm, maybe. But definitively higher priced compared to our own ubiquitous kopitiams all over the country.

Imagine, a cup of latte from Starbucks would buy you hmm say 6 or 7 cups of kopi-O kaw from your neighborhood kopitiam? Some might argue that Starbucks serve delicious drinks but come on la, who are you kidding? Most probably you go there so you can brag to your kopitiam buddies of how tasty that dunno-what-mocha-frappucino-Javanese-beans-chocolate-chips-blend you had than those piss they’re drinking, don’t you?

But then again, most Malaysians have a tendency to adore whatever shit that came from western pop culture/lifestyles. So, bring those cut-throatingly expensive mass manufactured capitalist ventures in!

Anyway, the purpose of this post s not to diss Starbucks (although at this point I sounded like I did) but to share my weirdest moment yet at one of their outlets (Kuching airport). This incident happened on the day I went back home for the CNY holidays.

One of my friends tapau-ed (took away) chap fan so he can eat them in his room. What’s a chap fan? Basically it’s economy mixed rice that you can get for about RM 3 or less. I’m too lazy to explain further but if you wanna know further, read Cheesie’s post on chap fan.

By the way, a cup of Starbuck’s mocha frap could buy you 4 packets of chap fan. That’s 4 packets to feed 4 people!

Faith has it that he couldn’t eat the chap fan because he had some business elsewhere. But obviously he can’t let the food rot and fester in his room when it’s time for us to depart to the airport, right? So he brought the chap fan together with him to the airport.

When we reached the airport, some of us suggested that we hang out at Starbucks first since we’re still early for our flight. The guy who brought the chap fan along decided that he was too full as he just had lunch with his girlfriend. And whadayaknow, another person didn’t have his lunch.

And hence, the weirdest moment recorded on camera at Starbucks:


Hmm hmm! Nothing like washing down a pack of scrumptious chap fan with a cup of mocha frap.



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