PAS says ‘Selamat Tahun Baru Cina 2008’ and my first politically inspired CNY card.

6 February, 2008 at 12:41 pm (Funny pics, Misc pics) (, , , , , , )

My mom went shopping the other day and came back with what looked like the kind of plastic bag that terrorists would use to conceal bombs. On closer inspection it did look kind of normal:


I asked where she got it from. She said there was a stall near the mall, y’know kind of like a palm-reading stall with big flags all over. The flag was green with a gigantic splat of white splat in the middle. Then I said “ohhhhh, yah yah I know those buggers. So nice hor, they still very thoughtful to give out stuffs this festive season.”


But before I could even say ‘Muhibah’ some kid nearby went all psycho and spear me right at the crotch while hissing the words “election is near you idiot!” That pretty much jolted me back to reality (while holding my jewels).

A closer inspection of the plastic bag reveals 2 things; a CNY greeting card courtesy of your very friendly election hopeful and 2 mandarin oranges. Since my house is already overflowing with oranges already I’ve decided to give those 2 oranges to my Malay neighbor.

Why give them away? You can say I’m paranoid but I sure as hell ain’t gonna eat anything from people with ulterior motives (be it from opposition or government). Think nasi kangkang but in this case it’s more appropriate to call it oren kangkang. And since my neighbor is from Kelantan, I’m sure he wouldn’t have any qualms about eating them (whether or not they were laced with crotch juice is a different matter).

Let’s take a look at the card:


Like woah! These dudes have certainly put a lot of effort in the ass licking wooing voters part. Not bad at all considering that the ruling party isn’t even doing anything similar other than pissing people off. Or was it just my area?


Wow! After reading this card, I am so moved I can literally feel my balls quivering (or was it tingling?) with joy. I am so gonna vote for the opposition this coming election. Yipee!



Just kidding.

Anyway, I’m neither anti-opposition nor pro-government. It’s just that they all have their own personal agenda which most of the time seems to benefit them rather than us rakyats. The only similarity I can see are the constant ass-licking and crotch grabbing come election day.

Ok time to cut the crap. I’m wishing all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year.




Another one? Ok, why not?




Another one, for your viewing pleasure:

I’m getting ridiculous.


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