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There are 2 lessons that I learned when it comes to riding a bike:

1) Wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt

2) Don’t wear anything (I mean shirtless la, perv)


If not, these are the consequences:








This happened exactly 2 years ago. No editing was done on this pic other than the mass head. Taken with a friend’s cameraphone.


The sun burnt/ tanning that I had was so severe that whenever I took off my shirt, I’ll look like I’m wearing a pair of dark gloves!

The same goes to my face as well, really tanned and dark from all the hours spent outdoor. So basically the skin tone on my face and arms are the same with Michael Jackson(before he bleached his skin or whatever ‘illness’ he claims he has) and the rest of my body is like post-bleached Wacko.

To whoever who complained that I never post a picture of myself, here you are. Satisfied? Hehe šŸ˜‰


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Unite against abuse

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Click for more info

Which reminds me of this song, originally performed by the Scorpions. First listened to them when I was twelve, I remembered cause it was just after UPSR.

Under The Same Sun

Music: Mark Hudson
Lyrics: Klaus Meine, Bruce Fairbairn

I saw the morning
It was shattered by a gun
Heard a scream, saw him fall, no one cried
I saw a mother
She was praying for her son
Bring him back, let him live, don’t let him die

Do you ever ask yourself
Is there a heaven in the sky
Why can’t we get it right

Cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon
Then why, why can’t we live as one

I saw the evening
Fading shadows one by one
We watch the lamb, lay down to the sacrifice
I saw the children
The children of the sun
How they wept, how they bled, how they died

Do you ever ask yourself
Is there a heaven in the sky
Why can’t we stop the fight

Cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon
Then why, why can’t we live as one

Sometimes I think I’m going mad
We’re loosing all we had and no one seems to care
But in my heart it doesn’t change
We’ve got to rearrange and bring our world some love

And does it really matter
If there’s a heaven up above
We sure could use some love

Cause we all live under the same sun
We all walk under the same moon
Then why, why can’t we live as one
Cause we all live under the same sky
We all look up at the same stars
Then why, tell me why can’t we live as one



The message is simple, stop all abuse against anyone or any living thing as a matter of fact. We can do it.

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Pimp My Ride – Malaysian Style.

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You know that show Pimp My Ride on MTV? The one where they pick one lucky viewer and give their beat-up-piece-of-junk-worse-worse-than-shit of a car a complete makeover.

Pimp My Ride with the pimp master himself – Xzibit. (Pictures courtesy of MTV)

Transforming their car inside and out, give it an engine transplant, new interior and a fresh paint job.

Two guys bonding over their favorite subject – car. So gay happy!

Look how happy she is after getting her ride pimped! Ok that sounded a bit wrong…

Well the show is from the US but that doesn’t stop us Malaysian from emulating them. Even if it means doing it on a lower budget. I now present you Pimp My Ride Malaysian Style:






On my way to Johor Bahru, something caught my eye. No, it wasn’t an Evo. Or an Enzo. It was a Sunny on a not so sunny day I have to say haha!

Let’s go closer.

I was stopping to refuel and lo and behold, the Sunny did the same! Look at how detail the paint job is. There’s Doraemon on the front left door, Pikachu on the rear door, and a giraffe that goes all the way to the roof. I didn’t dare to take picture of the other side though, less I wanna be splashed with fuel and set on fire! But from what I saw there were Hello Kitty on that side plus some characters from Sesame Street?


Only in Malaysia.

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Food Excursion.

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Ayam bag (I am back)! Been pretty hectic these few days since it is nearing the end of the semester. Rushing to complete the piles of assignments and especially my Final Year Project phew! Now that one is a KILLER with a capital K!

Anyway, as promised I’m gonna do a food review. Me and a bunch of my friends went to Sematan and Siar Beach 2 weeks ago to have a food excursion. The food was pretty good I have to say considering how cheap it is. I mean you definitely can’t get this sorta price back in Peninsular. And I didn’t do a macro close up cause I didn’t want oily lens on my FE.

Picture time!

First on the menu, the customary butter cooked prawns, not sure if I named it correctly. Pretty good stuffs here.

If the meat from a pig is called pork, then what do you call meat from a wild boar? Cause this was what we had – wild boar meat cooked in some sauce. Told you I sucked in food reviews. But nonetheless since it’s quite rare for me to taste wild boar, I’d have to say this dish is heavenly.

Next up, we had fried crispy squid, or was it cuttlefish? How do you differentiate those two? Hmm.. to me it tasted okay only. I’ve had better, and it wasn’t even in Malaysia.

Doesn’t this fish looked like some weird looking outer space alien, you know like the one you’d see in Star Wars? But look at the steam coming out. Nice effect! The fish is pretty good too. Nice and succulent flesh not to mention fresh!

Oh, there’s also a veggie dish but didn’t bother to take a picture of that cause veggie is veggie la!

Evidence of gluttony:

Now you see it…

Now it’s gone. BURP! Excuse me hehe.

What’s the total damage incurred from this food excursion? Only RM 85! For 5 dishes! For 6 people! Inclusive of drinks and rice refills! Can you get a cheaper price at Peninsular? No lemme rephrase that, can you get a cheaper price anywhere? šŸ™‚

But I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you the exact location of the restaurant cause I wasn’t paying much attention during the drive there ( I was supposed to be the navigator but I make one lousy navigator hehe). I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant now. But it’s just along the main road. I think the restaurant is called Siu Leng? Or something like that. Again, told you I sucked in food review.

While at Siar Beach, look what I found!

Can you see it?

Still can’t see? Then come closer la dammit!







Harlo! It’s Mr. Crab here minding his own business and suddenly before he knows it some punk decided to shove his Olympus FE-115 just one centimeter above him/her to get the shot he wanted. Haha, this is probably the best my FE’s macro can afford me. The crab is actually really small, smaller than a five cent coin maybe. You can see how big the crab is compared to the sand grains. Btw, I learned a trick when it comes to shooting crabs. You have to be at the back of it(avoiding eye contact with the crab haha) then you can start snapping. Apparently crabs only look forward and don’t notice much of their back. A forward looking crab indeed wtf.

Speaking of crabs, let’s have some next time ok?

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Of flowers and ANALyzers haha.

14 September, 2007 at 1:04 pm (Mumblings, Scenery) (, , , , )

Ok before anything else, the previous post was actually nothing much of significance. I was just trying out the password protected post feature that wordpress is so famous for. Not that I put up dirty pics of people indulging themselves in erm… ‘fun’ activities la haha. I mean even if I did do you think I would be that selfish and password protect it? cough*bribe me*cough šŸ˜‰

Alrighty then, back to serious stuffs. Eh eh did you notice the title of this post? ANALyzers LOL! No dirty thoughts ok… I just finished my test on robotics today and one of the questions has something to do with analyzers. Kinda funny though how you can mess around with words and come up with words that sounds a bit kinky. I mean ANALyzer does sound like some kind of medieval torturing device specifically targeting a certain orifice of the human body. Or was it just my sick interpretation of what was supposed to be an innocent word? I dunno…

Picture time!

Si-to-pĆ©-ley – that’s how a Cantonese would pronounce it.

Dunno-what-name-cause-I-can’t-be-bothered flower. šŸ˜‰

This post should have been the continuation of Highlander1. But someone hated that name(oh yes you know who you are).

Ah I think I know what flower this is. Tea flower wtf! I mean it did grow among tea trees no? My dad didn’t fall for it though. He said it was morning glory that happens to grow among tea trees. Obviously I didn’t inherit my dad’s smart genes. šŸ˜‰

And saving the best for the last. A pic I took at some rosary(is that what they call a rose farm? Enlighten me pls) at Cameron Highlands. Since I’m using just a P & S camera, what I did to focus just on the rose on the bottom right of the pic is to use the autofocus to focus on to that particular flower. The flower should in the middle of your view finder. Then gradually shift your lens to the left and upward to include the background while still holding on to the focus. I think I used macro to get a better blurred background vision.

Hmm… I’d probably do a food review next. But I suck in that. Both pictures and text.

p.s.: all shots were taken at Cameron Highlands.

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